Functionality and colour are two crucial aspects of Interior Design: The KariGhars

 Functionality and colour are two crucial aspects of Interior Design: The KariGhars

The KariGhars Founders Abhishek Chadha, Aashita Chadha and Vinayak Chadha

Upasana Kaura

Setting up a home is no mean task. Abhishek Chadha and Aashita Chadha experienced it first hand when they bought their first home and, with high aspirations decided to design it. By the end of it, they were left totally exasperated. But, a good thing emerged out of it. The experience motivated them to start their own design firm The KariGhars, in 2009.
“Our intention was to bring in something novel to the Indian interior design sector and give the customer a holistic experience,” says Aashita who is the CFO of the firm. Abhishek works as the CEO while the third founder Vinayak is the Managing Director.
Significantly, none of the three is professionally trained as an interior designer! “The biggest benefit of not being trained as an interior designer and coming from a completely different work profiles is that we have never had to deal with ‘big names’. We don’t give much thought to people or trends, and comprehend everything as transient,” says Vinayak.
The KariGhars undertakes complete turnkey projects for villas and apartments to turn them into luxurious homes. “We focus on efficient layouts, bright colour palettes, bespoke furniture, and strategic lighting schemes,” says Aashita, adding that they also take up projects that customise wardrobe designs, entertainment units and built-in furniture to fit the existing space.
One crucial part of interior décor is functionality, the three say in unison. “It is critical that both the user and the designer are aware of the available space as well as the function of each specific area. The next big thing to take note of is the colour as it serves as an aesthetic link between living and non-living. Also, the three distinct characteristics of a colour viz hue, value, and intensity are important,” says Abhishek.
A wholly self-funded firm, The KariGhars does not intend to bring in any investor even in the future as the Chadhas do not want any interference to their creative streak. “Moreover, the pressure from investors to get more projects and money could cause us to lose sight of our larger aim of delivering a user experience for clients,” says Aashita.
The KariGhars has so far completed 4,542 projects of which the Prestige Lakeside Habitat, Villa 32 is their favourite. “That’s because the clients’ needs were considerably different from what we generally cater to. Since they had lived in Bermuda Triangle, they wanted some tropical characteristics in their home. Further, they also wanted some classical Indian features, besides an open space where they could meditate and relax. But the good thing was they gave us a free hand and we enjoyed doing it,” says Vinayak.

Interior décor scenario
With globalisation and more and more people traveling across the world, interior decoration and design have become increasingly prevalent. People are starting to realise the value that functional and aesthetic interior spaces can offer to their lives. The shift undoubtedly became more noticeable during the pandemic. As people began to spend more time at home, they realised the importance of a well-designed and functional home.

How does tech help?
Gone are the days when being an interior designer involved simply having an eye for colour, a love of décor, and the ability to channel one’s creative vision when designing homes for the client. Today, regardless of whether interior designers are working in the residential or commercial sector, there is a strong need to master an in-depth understanding of the newest design software, business skills, and up-to-date knowledge of computer-aided design tools and resources, in addition to conventional skills. Clients today can take a 3D tour of their homes even before the necessary materials have been procured, eliminating the need for them to rely solely on their imagination.
Technology is having a massive influence on interior design, and more and more people want an automated home. Home assistants like Google Home and Alexa have become mainstream. Robot vacuums like the Roomba and dishwashers have become more common.

Journey so far…
Has been a roller coaster ride, yet, a wholly satisfying and enriching experience. “I remember there was a time when our workers were not very comfortable following instructions from a woman. Coming from strong patriarchal backgrounds, they often interpreted Abhishek’s instructions completely differently from mine,” says Aashita.



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