Handcrafted summer soirée from Fanusta.com

 Handcrafted summer soirée from Fanusta.com

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Fanusta.com, a curated marketplace of home decor and furniture, born in the heritage heart of India, Jaipur, with a vision of rediscovering the lost Indian art, has its eccentric summer collection. Bright colours and casual elegance that fits perfectly into a lazy summer afternoon. From cooling blues to ecstatic yellows, party with the colours as summer is knocking the door!

Add vibrant figurines, pastel candles, metallic lamps and nature inspired tableware to spruce up your living space this season. Created in collaboration with a network of 59 craftsmen from across India, each piece imbibes the essence of Indian culture and identity while beholding the contemporary aesthetic of design.


Metallics: The most simple way to add a little glimmering summer sunshine to your home is metals. Indulge in the bronze, copper and gold accents and experience the sleek modernist lines and curves created by traditional craftsmanship. Price on Request.

Pink: Soft and Serene, calming shades of pink glassware to accentuate the feminine side of your interiors. Taking inspiration from the heritage pink city, where Fanusta is born, the glassware is handcrafted by artisans from northern India. Price range: Rs 419 onwards


White: Sometimes white can become the most refreshing colour in the spectrum. It can induce minimalism in chaos, express confidence and evoke sophistication to a living space. The statement white figurines are handcrafted with marble in Udaipur. Price range: Rs 8,999 to Rs 16,799


Wood: Bring Nature inside and give your home new life with unique nature inspired tableware. The contemporary tableware, crafted in Moradabad, are not only a great accent addition to your kitchen, they allow you to see and touch natural elements in your everyday food choices. Price range: Rs 899 onwards

Available at www.fanusta.com


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