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Rishabh Kapoor & Monica Chadha Staying in a 5-star hotel is quite the sensory experience. The look, the feel, the smell, the sound (or lack thereof) can create a bedroom environment that you never want to leave. A primary suite should be a destination and it should feel like an oasis. It is especially luxurious […]Read More

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How to enhance your home’s aesthetic appeal with partition materials

Janavi Javeri The evolution of interior design has opened up a diverse array of partition materials, each offering unique characteristics and design possibilities. From traditional walls to more modern alternatives like glass, wood, metal, and even fabrics, the choices are extensive, each suiting individual homeowners’ aesthetics. Some of the factors to consider while choosing the […]Read More


Showcasing the cultural richness of Ganesh Chaturthi in home decor

Aashita Chadha Elephant God Ganesh holds a special place our hearts. Beyond its religious significance, Ganesh Chaturthi offers a unique opportunity to connect with our culture and heritage. Let us, today, delve into the cultural and historical importance of this festival and examining the profound meaning of the associated traditional symbols, motifs, and colours, finding […]Read More


WORLD EARTH DAY Adopt a sustainable approach to elevate your

Team L&M As the world increasingly values efficiency and sustainable living, Aashita Chadha, Co-founder and Chief of Culture & Strategy at The KariGhars, emphasizes that sustainability is now a fundamental aspect of all interior design projects. To create truly impactful work, she believes that this philosophy of sustainability should be integrated into every single aspect […]Read More


Empowering people with neurodiversity through innovative designs in furniture

Team L&M Amardeep Designs and Sketch recently debuted into a new furniture line that recognises neurodiversity, and the creative potential of individuals with Autism and Down Syndrome, by leveraging their skills in contemporary commercial design. The collection showcases the skillset of people on the spectrum of autism, and will hopefully inspire more initiatives to promote […]Read More


MiRooh introduces an exclusive range of cushions and curtains

Team L&M Bringing Indian heritage to modern homes, MiRooh has launched its latest collection of cushions, curtains, and home upholstery. The collection focuses on the luxurious landscape of Kashmir and heavily borrows traditional weaving designs and embroideries. The collection includes the most intricate and luxurious pillows and cushions and focuses on revivalist crafts that draw inspiration […]Read More

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