French home furniture brand Gautier re-enters India

 French home furniture brand Gautier re-enters India

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Gautier, a France-based home furniture designer, manufacturer, and retailer with stores worldwide, announced its re-entry into the Indian market for the third time. Gautier will be working with the world’s largest franchise consulting firm, Franchise India, to ensure that this entry is successful.

The company plans to set up stores over 3,000-5,000 square feet across metros and large cities, primarily in the South to begin with. While at present, it will import all furniture from France, there are plans to set up a manufacturing line as the India business scales up.

With a legacy of over 60 years, Gautier Furniture has established itself as a leader in the global furniture industry, synonymous with luxury, elegance, and functionality. The brand’s unique designs and exceptional craftsmanship have won the hearts of customers across the world, making it a sought-after brand in the furniture market.

“I am very excited about Gautier’s entry into India. It is a significant milestone for our brand, and we are eager to share our unique French designs and quality furniture with the Indian market. We are confident that Franchise India’s expertise and support will help us establish a strong presence in India and provide customers with a
world-class retail experience. Our aim is to create beautiful, functional, and sustainable furniture
that resonates with Indian customers and enhances their living spaces”

Richard Ravel, Managing Director, Caucasus chez Gautier France

Franchise India is playing a crucial role in helping Gautier to expand its presence in India. Franchise India is consulting and providing Gautier with market research, analysis, and guidance on the best strategies to enter and succeed in the Indian market. They are also helping Gautier identify potential franchise partners and establish franchise agreements with them.

Franchise India Founder Gaurav Marya, said, “Gautier has been successful in the Gulf, with most buyers being of Indian origin, which has attracted them for a re-entry. Gautier is re-entering India. While initially it is exploring franchisee routes to set up a couple of stores with local partners, eventually it may take the equity route. The brand is still strong in India. The size of the furniture and home décor market in India is around $25-billion, of which around 14-15 per cent is organised. India has become an attractive market for European companies, given their overseas expansion and business hit due to the Russia-Ukraine war and recession in most European nations.”


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