Arthi Raguram’s journey from handmade soaps to skin serums and lip balms

 Arthi Raguram’s journey from handmade soaps to skin serums and lip balms

Taruna Sharma

Arthi Raguram started with handmade soaps and face packs in 2016, and today has a wide range of skincare products, including lip balms, skin serum, hair pack, baby soaps and more on offer. But the seed for these products was actually laid when she was still a teenager longing for soft and acne-free skin. Natural therapies she used then made her set up Deyga, her own brand of skincare products, in 2018. She scouts the world looking for pure natural products. “I get tea tree oil from Australia, shea butter from Ghana and argan oil from Morocco. I have tied up with international suppliers and 60 farmers from around the country. I also grow aloe vera and coconut in my farm,” she says. Excerpts from an interview:

Tell us the story of Deyga inception.
To be honest, my skin problems encouraged me to take away natural skincare. The story behind this idea first relating in my mind dates back to my teen years. I had sensitive skin and have a lot of acne. Trying on new products was always a challenge for me. No product was efficient enough to make my skin softer and acne-free. It was then that I first thought to use natural therapies and it worked like some magic spell was cast! the results were wonderful. Aftermath, I decided to spread awareness about natural products and remedies because at that time these were misjudged due to the influence of commercialized synthetic products. And that was the day when Deyga first create its origins, in my mind. The fact cannot be refused that there are many other organic skincare brands in the country but the thing that makes us special is our ideology. We often observe a traditional process in the making of our products which is nearly vanished in today’s fast-paced world. Usage of ancient copper and brass vessels, subtle handcraft in the production process, Ayurveda inspired working principles are certain things that keep us unique among others.

“Fruits have natural bleaching properties and control ageing.
Take a cup of over-ripe papaya and mix two tablespoons
of milk and
one tablespoon of honey to it. Apply this mixture on
your face and
leave it on for 15 minutes. It’s a great remedy
for exfoliation and hydration.”

What challenges did you face on the way?
Challenges are a key part of a journey? The higher your dream, the higher the apex of the mountain you would need to climb. My story is a portrait of endless challenges that were not at all easy nuts to crack. First of all, making a team where every mind complements the other in itself is an assignment that tests all your patience. Especially if it’s a start-up that’s beginning from scratch. I still recall how ‘Organic’, ‘fragrance-free’ & ‘sustainability’ were unfamiliar words to most of our employees to who we spent a good quantity of time explaining. The following challenge we encountered was the one while entering into this industry as a new-born when many prominent brands had already established feet.
Also, people who weren’t aware of the whole concept of ‘organic farming’ found the costs a bit high than the average market products. Cost does come with quality and it was fairly challenging to spread the buzz about the same. I am happy that people now have become aware of all standards and are not restricted.  Since then, challenges are no lesser but yes, we’re stronger with the love of the consumers we have obtained throughout this journey.

What interested you in the skincare segment?
Ancient Indian tradition has always spoken of the goodness of natural products which is fixed in the best way possible in our beauty products. We try to spread about the pros of organic products, sustainability, environment, and health-friendly concepts as much as we can to make people prepared with the best knowledge. The harsh chemical products damage our skin, hence we discovered products made of natural ingredients which are a niche in the field of beauty and skincare. As organic and natural ingredients connect us to the earthy, raw purity of nature, which in itself is an experience of being close to it. Secondly, it’s long-lasting. Yes, it’s an incremental but consistent process as it nurtures skin from within and not justlayers it up with false beauty. People today, mainly youth want the best of everything and yes, this has marked a prominence for organic products all over the world.

“Regular tanning, sunburns and lack of sun protection
the harmful UVA/UVB rays all contribute
to early
aging of the skin, deep wrinkling.” 

How are Deyga products different from the others in the market?
There is a wide range of products available at any beauty store that never fulfils the promise of glowing, brighter skin within minutes. Some of them have harsh effects that show up seconds after you wash your face such as darkening and burning of the sensitive areas of the skin. The most common cause behind these harmful effects is chemicals. Most beauty products that you see in markets are laden with harmful chemicals that harm our skin. The best thing for you to do to protect your skin is to trust, use and purchase products that are formed with natural products and work benignly on your skin. Deyga promises to produce and promote natural ingredients in its products. Created with love and traditional formulae by the enthusiastic Deyga family, these products will keep your skin happy and healthy-looking all day long. We have products for all. From mischievous little ones to good old guides. Our average basket size is 3-5 products and the price range is also quite affordable from Rs 250-1100.

How do you think is skincare industry changing in India?
People are looking at something in a new light, they have a better perspective on skincare products which is essential because it’s high time that each one of us starts caring for ourselves too. They are looking at the ingredients, exploring various products, and looking for the best choice available. Customers are trying to be well-versed about the ingredient/product before using any of it. This shift is because people are realizing to be gentler with their skin and adoring themselves. Brands in the Indian beauty industry have also changed and adapted to the manufacturing of natural and eco-friendly products, as well as focusing on environmental-friendly and sustainable methods/processes of packaging, distribution, among other activities.


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