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Know what is secretly triggering your acne

Dr Blossom Kochhar Acne is the most common skin disorder which predictably occurs first during the teenage years. Researches state that over 70 per cent adolescents are affected by a recognisable form of acne. A lot of research has been done on acne, but there still is no conclusive medical theory as to what really […]Read More


Sulwhasoo skincare products now available on Tata Cliq Luxury

Team L&M Skincare products from Sulwhasoo, the luxury brand from the house of the Korean Global Beauty Company, Amorepacific Group, will now be available on premier luxury lifestyle platform Tata CLiQ Luxury. Sulwhasoo’s product range promises to synergize and care for the skin’ regenerative power, vitality, glow, nourishment and elasticity. CGR Cream Sulwhasoo “Over the […]Read More


Preparing your skin for winter

Seasonal changes influence the skin. After the monsoon, the humidity in the air starts decreasing. When humidity is low, the skin loses moisture to the atmosphere and it becomes necessary to adjust the daily skin-care routine. People with normal to dry skin start experiencing a taut feeling in their skin immediately after washing or cleansing. […]Read More


Eat local, eat seasonal, stay peaceful

Saurabh Tankha Remember the innumerable occasions your grandmother told you how, as teenagers, your grandfather and even your father, ate dollops of butter on paranthas every morning, or had two teaspoons of desi ghee every morning. And how you, by not eating all this and more, miss out on being a physically fit individual. Well, […]Read More

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