Unhappy with the available home cleaners, she launched her own brand From Vedas

 Unhappy with the available home cleaners, she launched her own brand From Vedas

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Brought up in environment-conscious family, Nadendla Vedashree always wondered as to why do people get sold to chemical products, and ignore the eco-friendly products. This coupled with her desire to set up her own business propelled her towards her own start up. That’s how From Vedas came about. Vedashree tells us more:

When did the idea to set up FromVedas born, and how much time did it take to fruition.
Right after my stint at IIMB (NSRCEL) my sight was set on getting my gifting solutions company “Saavayava” to great heights. The capital “C” (coronavirus) that struck the world stuck the wedding industry and my dreams too. Finding myself doing dishes and cleaning the house, I was very disappointed with the cleaning agents that were available, my idea sprung from the basic need of using chemical free, environment friendly, light on budget products.

What was the inspiration behind it? What’s the story behind keeping this name FromVedas?
I was introduced to organic, sustainable food right from my teenage. Recycling was a concept given to me as a teenager. Citrus peels were always recycled and used for cleaning purposes. My training in UK for soaps and cleaners back in 2016 coupled with the ancient vedic knowledge of how oils and leaves could help in curating amazing household and cosmetic products paved way for the name “fromvedas”

What sort of road blocks did you encounter? How has been the journey so far?
Training in NSRCEL in all aspects of business gave me full clarity of how to go about building my brand. The journey from “ideation to consumer” is challenging, frustrating, but super satisfying end of the day. I wish the system of certifications and women entrepreneur (MSME certifications) was more transparent and easy.

FromVedas FromVedas

We already have several brands in this sector, how are you different from them?
People are so used to chemicals which are cheaper and have long shelf life. Commerce has made us believe in certain myths like “foam means cleaning, squeaky sounds mean clean, cheap means best, soon all these beliefs have to challenged and proven otherwise.

What sort of R&D goes into it before a product is launched?
We as a team do wide reading and we make small batches for testing, we personally use the products in different conditions (weather) over a period of time, once that’s done we send out samples to near and dear for feedbacks and understandings of their experience whether to improve for keep the formula.

What are your future plans?
Encouraged by the response and feedbacks/suggestions and requests we got, we are getting into hair oils and men’s products and DIY facial mask kits. Hoping we reach larger number and make a greater impact for the environment in a positive way.





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