Colour trends for culinary space trending this year

 Colour trends for culinary space trending this year

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Choosing the right shades for the culinary space can be a big commitment. The kitchen is meant to be a safe space used by the whole family, for cooking, eating and gathering every day. Just like a bedroom or a living room, kitchens cannot be redecorated or repainted in a matter of hours. Walls, cabinets, countertops, flooring, appliances, and backsplash all combine to form a cohesive palette, so your colour choices carry some weight. Aashita Chadha, the CFO and co-founder of award winning interior design firm The KariGhars, shares some of the trending colour choices for this monsoon 2022.

Modern monochrome: Black and White
Go modern with a monochrome kitchen- the ageless classic colour palette. Black and white kitchens have been around for several decades. Different shades of ivory and beige are mixed up on the polished cabinets for a contemporary collision with the modern kitchen. Lacquered glass, glossy appliances, and poppy accessories give a modern twist to the traditional style kitchen. At the same time, the creamy tones of whites and tiled backsplash elevate the culinary space and deliver a timeless look. Black and white colours bring to you a beautiful kitchen that will never go out of style.

Shades of Grey: Warm neutrals
Warm greys, creamy whites and natural woods are taking over all the modern and contemporary kitchens. These culinary spacesĀ  add a dose of cosiness while feeling clean and airy. Nordic-inspired light grey kitchens are also incredibly sophisticated. The striking grain of natural wood stands proud against the crispy white units behind. Pairing wood with warm whites brings warmth to this scheme, apace with texture and depth. The beauty of neutral kitchens gets better with subtle accents of pastel colours, which create a layered look.

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Wash of the sky: Muted blues
Soften your space with a smooth wash of the sky. A blue culinary space looks warm and welcoming. It gives a sophisticated feel with its classic and glossy glimpse. These fresh-looking kitchens feature a subtle shade of blue with grey undertones with classic white finishes. It is a good idea to stick one pop of colour through cabinets or accessories. Muted blues are striking and subtle, with grey flooring and grey patterns on the backsplash along with hardware, and keep things cool.

Rugged and Rusty: Dark wood tone
For a long time, we have been painting and covering the wood with bright and vibrant colours. But now the wood is back! There is a resurgence of wood finishes in different tones and textures. Dark wood tones give a rugged and rusty look with a traditional touch to the culinary space. These tones also add a rich texture and dimension when combined with bright and modern white finishes at the backdrop. The kitchen gets a vivid and worldly look with its richness of textures and colours.

Classic and calm: Muddy green
Greens always rule the culinary space. Shades of greens are an ever-popular choice for contemporary kitchens. But, a too-bright green may look like a kid’s room, which can be turned into muted and muddy shades for a classic and calm kitchen. Paler green shades go perfectly with brass accents, natural wood tones, and deep, rich blacks. Pops of blues and yellows with golden gleams also add a splendid beauty to the muddy green kitchen.






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