We aim at complete cure of ailments through our nutraceuticals: Kamayani Naresh

 We aim at complete cure of ailments through our nutraceuticals: Kamayani Naresh

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With an aim to offer a complete cure from various ailments, Former Naval officer Kamayani Naresh set up his nutraceutical business in 2015 under the name of Zyro Healthcare Pvt Ltd. Since then his products have been treatment people with “100 per cent results, not just in India but across the globe”. In an extensive interview with Life & More, Naresh tells us more:

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Kamayani Naresh, Founder, Zyropathy

How, why and when did you conceive Zyropathy. Tell us the story behind it in detail.
I never conceived Zyropathy, it just happened. The journey started with usage of food supplements for personal issues way back in 1991. The relief by taking supplements tickled the mind to realise that may be the ailments are due to deficiency of certain ingredients. The inquisitiveness to find more resulted in an understanding that most of the ailments in the human body are not diseases but disorders caused due to deficiency of certain elements.
The discussions among friends and relatives led to individuals seeking advice for taking supplements. The results were very encouraging and by 2007 more than 10,000 people had sought advice. We then compiled the narratives and published a book titled, Healthy Living with Food Supplements. People bought our books but were apprehensive about taking supplements recommended in the book because the quantity was much more than the dosage recommended on bottles. So, we decided to publish a magazine with testimonials of beneficiaries. During the course of registration of title for the magazine in RNI (Registrar Newspapers of India) the term “Zyro” was coined which means “Helping Humanity”. As the beneficiaries increased with time people started asking the name of the pathy and we could not find a better name than “Zyropathy”, a system which is Helping Humanity.
I got my initial investment of Rs 10 lakhs to launch the company with my provident fund and took personal loans from banks. In 2011, I took voluntary retirement from the Indian Navy. Zyro Health Care Pvt. Ltd was established in December 2015.

What all products do you offer? And what sort of R&D goes into these?
Zyropathy uses two types of products i.e.-Food Supplements and Zyro Naturals. Food supplements are used to fulfil the deficiency of vitamins, minerals and protein and Zyro naturals made from plant extracts are used for curing ailments. You are what you eat is something Zyropathy is based around. Zyropathy states only natural food can repair the illness in our body. Our treatment is based on natural healing.
Each product is well researched and tested for safety prior to its application. Our products, like Preventika which was developed to provide prevention in 19 different ailments besides enhancing immunity, was developed after extensive research for over 14 years. It came with the same kind of trust. It has proven very effective in Covid-19 prevention too. It’s available in both tablet and syrup form and hence can be used across any age group.
Zyropathy covers all four aspects of human health – Promotive, Preventive, Curative and Rehabilitative. This approach offers a long-lasting solution in lifestyle ailments. A complete wellness solution provider is the USP of Zyropathy.

Did you do a market study or research before embarking on the project?
I was always passionate about healthy living. Our average life span has increased, but the quality of life has decreased. A casual lifestyle and suffering have become very routine. During the course of handling various ailments for a few decades, I understood that the modern medicine system is only providing symptomatic control while developing another ailment as a side effect. The frustration of patients gave a clear idea that the system for curing ailments without side effects is the call of the day. No formal market study or research was neither done nor needed before taking decision to pursue and develop a new health system which could help humanity to live healthy without adding new ailments.

Shouldn’t nutraceuticals be consumed under medical supervision? Or have you developed these as OTC products?
All our products fall in the category of OTC and therefore can be consumed without any medical supervision. However, for ailments proper diagnosis and recommendation by an expert is a must to achieve desired results. The description of the products on Zyropathy website is quite comprehensive, however Zyro Health Care can be contacted in case of any doubt. In addition, there is excellent detail and research that goes into creating each method of treatment. Still, there can be individuals who might surprise you and need extra attention because we deal with different human bodies.

How are these priced? Share details.
Our products are a bit expensive because we are not into mass manufacturing. Our raw materials like herbs are acquired from across the country depending on the availability, from the south, inter-city and locally. We ensure that there are no drugs, steroids, immuno-suppressants and harmful ingredients in our products. The average costs of our products are between 600-1200. The price of our extensive researched product like Preventika is Rs 1800/- and the costliest product is Rs.2500/-

Also, what makes your products better than what your competitors have to offer?
Zyropathy is a complete wellness solution provider. Zyro Health Care uses natural products which do not give any side effects instead provide relief in other peripheral health issues too. The products are well researched and formulated in a specialized manner by the founder who has practical experience of curing various ailments by using combination of supplements and Zyro naturals to eliminate the root cause of the lifestyle disorders which are troubling humanity.
Most of the product manufacturers might possess theoretical knowledge but lack in practical application which makes the major difference with others.
Presently, Allopathy is everyone’s one-stop solution but the awareness is on the rise that the system only controls symptoms and does not cure any ailment besides adding on another ailment as a side effect. The rising dominance by the modern medicine system has debilitated other medicine systems globally. As a result there is no alternative available.
The modern medicine system will continue to serve humanity for (a) Emergency handling, (b) Surgery, (c ) Symptom Control and (d) Infection but the curing of ailments will be done by Zyropathy.

How do you witness the nutraceutical market growing in the next five to 10 years?
This is a great time to answer this question because our data now backs everything we already envisioned for a healthier tomorrow. Indians bought almost Rs 15,000-crore worth of supplements and immunity boosters in Jan 2020-May 2021(AIOCD), due to Covid-19, in which a healthier lifestyle is the only promise for preventing it. Indians are one of the few cultures using nutraceuticals in their everyday cooking from the very beginning making it something generally necessary for households. The expected growth of nutraceuticals is almost double. It is here to stay if adopted because it’s a naturally healthy choice that more people eventually assume for both in need of critical conditions and in general to avoid those conditions in future.

Share your future plans.
We plan to revolutionize healthcare as an integrated healthcare solution where patients are cured by Zyropathy and other systems are used for symptom control and emergency handling. Discussions are underway to develop an enterprise model, but we’d like to take our time keeping people’s health as the primary objective in our minds and not just expansion.


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