INTERNATIONAL YOGA DAY Give your yoga a boost of zodiac signs

 INTERNATIONAL YOGA DAY Give your yoga a boost of zodiac signs

We strive to make our lives the best from the inside and outside. Yoga is the one that helps to control the inner self of the human being. It deals with the qualities of human beings and makes life to be enjoyable. Yoga, based on our zodiac sign, will light the flame and shall never fade. So, let’s burn the fire by doing yoga according to your zodiac sign.

Aries is courageous and confident of all the zodiac signs. The Upward salute pose gives a notion of their confidence. Balancing is the strong pose that balances their strength and helps them focus on everything. It will help them to achieve their aim of bringing their balance in all parts. Enthusiasm and aggressive sign in Aries can find an outlet through the Warrior II yoga pose. It is the yoga where all their wild energy gets channelised.

Taurus needs an outlet where the physical body and energy are in one row. They start slowly and move along the line. This seated neck yoga proves to gently put their strengths in one line with steadiness and helps them move forward. Many times, they get stagnant, and the cobra pose makes them sit on the ground and helps to release their stuck energy.

Gemini is full of energy, adventurousness, and good communication. Kundalini Yoga emphasizes chanting and dance-like movements. It is a perfect way to direct the power of the Gemini. Their energy gets channelise into spiritual realization. They are the ones who are always ready for changes and challenges. The Yoga pose, Warrior- I, helps to pose a balance in your heart and stabilises your body and even the mind.

Cancer rules the heart and the chest. The boat pose or Navsaana with Jupiter mudra helps to war between the moods and emotions during the solar cycle. It helps to stabilise the mood swings of the Cancer. The triangle pose (Trikonasana) makes them grounded, and on the other side, they look towards the sky to achieve their dreams. It improves the lung and inhaling system of the people.

Leos are daring, fierce, and determined. They like to slide into a childlike personality. For them, the lion pose becomes a went of their different qualities. They are full of energy and love, and enjoyment. It can vent out through the power of yoga. It helps to release their energy and speed while trying different, poses of power yoga.

They are not clear in their ideas and try to find the solution. The cow and the cat pose can create clarity and resolve their anxiety. It opens their hearts. Power purge: Modified side plank or Vasithasana makes the digestive system, gallbladder, pancreas, and nervous system work properly. It helps to channel their energy.

Libras are the ones who are always ready to find balance in their life along with harmony. They like challenges, and the Warrior III yoga pose is perfect for them. Yoga demands balance, and this is the one that goes perfectly with their personality. Another yoga pose for them is the eagle pose. It requires balance from both arms and legs, for which the Libras are the best. They are the ones who like to be consistent in all areas of life.

Scorpios are the ones who are very sensual. They want to capture every sensation and are very passionate. Locust pose or Shalabhasana relieves tensions, and it will make them feel their deep desire and train buttocks and hamstrings. They are the water sign and are fixed, stubborn energy coursing. So eagle pose fills the joints and cells with fresh oxygen.

Sagittarius is the one who is grounding, tenacious, and concentrates on their aims. According to their zodiac sign always have their eyes fixed on their goal. So for them, the Viparita Virabhadrasana II or Reverse Warrior seems the best. The half-moon phase is perfect for the Sagittarius, which helps them to figure out the best for their comfort level. They help them control and be confident.

Capricorns are workaholics, steady and stable. The mountain pose is the best for them that takes them to get their base. Mountain pose is complex and is motivated by their energy and burns out the power in them. It makes them steady and achieves their goals.

Aquarius, keep dreaming and inspiring. They always want to create a better world with a wide-open heart. Tree pose helps stabilise their connection with stubbornness. They overtly reach idealistic nature at the same time. It helps to reduce our stress and anxiety.

Pisces is the intense ones and identify themselves with everyone around them. The fish pose is the best for the Pisces and works as a heart opener. Their energy makes them very flexible. The mountain pose best for them.


Sidhharrth S Kumaar, the Founder of NumroVani, is a registered pharmacist turned into an Astro Numerologist.
He started learning occult sciences at the age of six, after reading and researching on occult sciences and its application to the contemporary world for around one and half decades and has been practicing this for around eight years. He helps individuals and businesses in solving real-life problems using the hidden gems of occult sciences, with primary emphasis on preventive approaches and personalized holistic wellness
programs for individuals, based on their date of birth and name.


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