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Imagine glancing in the mirror and noticing two distinct ages staring back at you. For William Edward McElligott, a seasoned truck driver, this daily occurrence serves as a poignant reminder of the divergent impacts of sun exposure on his face: 66 on one side and 86 on the other. This striking contrast vividly illustrates the profound effects of unprotected sun exposure, underscoring the importance of prioritising skin health as we age.

Revealing the Perils of UV Radiation
When ultraviolet (UV) rays infiltrate our skin, they instigate more than just a temporary tan or sunburn; they initiate a deeper, potentially harmful process. UV radiation penetrates skin cells, altering DNA and generating reactive oxygen species (ROS), which accelerate skin ageing and heighten the risk of cancer. Moreover, beyond mere cosmetic concerns, UV exposure can incite systemic inflammation, contribute to muscle and bone deterioration, and even impact cognitive function. This intricate web of damage underscores the intrinsic link between outward signs of ageing and overall health, emphasizing that individuals who appear older may face elevated rates of illness and mortality, irrespective of their chronological age.

Crafting Strategies
Developing interventions that address the underlying causes of skin ageing is paramount. We must seek to shield and rejuvenate the skin not merely superficially, but at a cellular level, disrupting the cycle that intertwines aesthetic ageing with biological decline.

Nurturing Skin Health Internally
While sunscreen serves as a crucial barrier against UV radiation, safeguarding skin demands a comprehensive approach. Our skin, the body’s largest organ, necessitates internal reinforcements capable of combatting UV damage from within. Antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals abundant in certain foods can fortify the skin against sun-induced harm. Moreover, strategic supplementation can substantially bolster resilience against environmental assaults. True beauty emanates from within, particularly in safeguarding and revitalizing our skin at a cellular level. Nicotinamide Mononucleotide (NMN) activates NAD+, a pivotal molecule that rejuvenates cells, repairs DNA, and mitigates inflammation. Studies suggest that pre-treating cells with nicotinamide—a form of NMN—can shield against UV-induced DNA damage, minimizing the need for DNA repair enzymes and enhancing cellular energy and proliferation. Additionally, antioxidants such as Quercetin, Resveratrol, and Pterostilbene offer formidable defenses against UV radiation and environmental stressors, curbing inflammation, promoting skin regeneration, and neutralizing free radicals.
By integrating these supplements into our regimen, we underscore the profound connection between internal well-being and external radiance, offering a pathway to decelerate ageing and flourish both biologically and aesthetically.

Embracing a Bright Future for Skin Health
The journey towards optimal skin health knows no bounds of age; it is never too early nor too late to commence caring for your skin. Adopting proactive measures ideally begins in one’s twenties, laying the groundwork for lifelong vitality. Skin longevity advocates for a holistic approach that encompasses various dimensions:

Dietary Choices
Regular consumption of antioxidant-rich foods such as blueberries, spinach, and nuts fortifies the skin from within, shielding it against UV damage.
Supplementation: Incorporating NMN and other skin-enhancing supplements into our daily routine bolsters cellular repair and vitality, supporting overall skin health.
Protective Measures: Utilising broad-spectrum sunscreens and donning protective clothing serve as essential safeguards against direct exposure to harmful UV rays, preempting damage before it ensues. Innovative
Skin Care: Embracing advanced medical therapies and scientifically supported treatments ensures the highest caliber of care for ageing skin, preserving its health and resilience as it matures.

Safeguard your skin today to cultivate a healthier, more vibrant tomorrow. Embrace antioxidants in every meal, establish a consistent supplement regimen, and prioritize the use of high-quality sunscreens and protective attire. Rather than awaiting the emergence of ageing signs, seize proactive steps now to safeguard your skin’s vitality and radiance.

Parth Amin, Longevity Enthusiast, CEO and Co-founder of Decode Age



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