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Apis India launches Peanut Butter in two variants

Team L&M In a bid to strengthen its healthy product portfolio, Apis India, one of the players in the organised honey trade market, has launched Peanut Butter. The Peanut Butter is available in two variants, Creamy and Crunchy, each having properties that can benefit blood sugar control and heart health. Peanut butter is rich protein […]Read More


TOP 5 Proven health benefits of oranges

Team L&M Winters are fast approaching and one can see Oranges everywhere – in the fruit marts, on the thelas of vegetable hawkers and on the online grocery shopping website. This brightly-coloured, and juicy fruit is not just delicious to eat but carries innumerable health benefits for our body. We share Top 5 benefits of […]Read More


10 amazing health benefits of amla

Team L&M Is poor digestion taking a toll on your health? In today’s world of high stress and processed meals, it is very common to suffer from digestion problems. But fret not because there’s a simple yet effective way to welcome a healthy digestion. Amla or the Indian gooseberry contains a very high concentration of […]Read More


Home remedies for delayed menstruation

Team L&M Any delay in menstrual periods not only affects a female physiologically but psychologically as well. But there are certain food items which, taken regularly, help overcome the problem of delayed menstruation. But, in case your problem is chronic, you MUST visit a gynaecologist. Asafoetida/heeng Add half a teaspoon of heeng in each vegetable […]Read More