NutriParadise Soup 44 is a boon for diabetics

 NutriParadise Soup 44 is a boon for diabetics

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Soup is the perfect comfort food for those under the weather. But if you are diabetic or have high cholesterol, the soup choices from the restaurants get drastically reduced. NutriParadise Foods, the Bengaluru-based, pioneering nutraceutical company that was incubated at CFTRI, is launching Anti-Diabetic Soup 44 which helps reduce glucose and cholesterol levels.

Soup 44 has no added preservatives or MSG. Perfect blend of natural ingredients incorporated in this formulation is rich in proteins, Vitamin A & C which prevents clot formation and oxidative stress.

Soup 44 has zero cholesterol and lowers the risk of cardiovascular diseases, prevents colon cancer, maintains blood glucose, lowers cholesterol level and keeps the bowel movement regular.

Animal studies conducted in CFTRI using the soup mix have revealed that it can help in keeping secondary disorders caused by high glucose level in blood. Long term study on rat models have demonstrated that diabetic symptoms can be ameliorated by incorporating this product in daily diet.

At present, the product is available directly through some of the hospitals located in Bengaluru at affordable prices.


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