‘We aim to deliver healthcare at the doorstep of people and also aid local vendors’

 ‘We aim to deliver healthcare at the doorstep of people and also aid local vendors’

Upasana Kaura

A one-stop online healthcare service provider MyLyfCare was born during the pandemic. Based on OTO (offline-to-online) model, the app connects offline healthcare service providers like doctors, test labs and pharmacies at an online platform directly to the end-user. It also provides services like pharmacy and lab tests, thereby supporting the nearest local vendor, besides services like ambulances, blood banks, plasma donation channels etc.
Life & More spoke to its Founder Satish Singh for more:

When did the idea of MyLyfCare app strike and how did you go about putting it from one on paper to one for practical use?
The healthcare situation in the pandemic concerned me on many levels, as did the struggles of businesses that save lives. This made me understand what kind of business and technology is actually essential for people now. Our existing healthcare providers who were on the frontlines of our battle with Covid-19 were struggling to stay afloat.
The concept for this came to me in April 2020, and by July, my close buddy Munesh and I had put it into action by launching the “My Lyf Care” (HealthTech) application, which connected all offline Healthcare Service Providers to an Online Platform and served patients at their homes.


What all challenges did you face, and how did you overcome those?
We were a business that came into being during the pandemic so challenges were many, like finding a team buildup of the right people who were passionate about the enterprise, finding investors during an uncertain pandemic was also an issue.

So, it is bootstrapped business. How much investment went into it?
Yes, we are currently in a bootstrapped state with more than Rs 16 lakh of investment till date from friends and family. But we are developing and updating our services to attract investors.

How has been the response since it was launched?
So far, the response from everyone we’ve addressed has been positive, and they’re progressively accepting it. As part of the healthcare industry, we aim to deliver health services at the patient’s doorstep while also supporting local businesses.

How different are you from your competitors?
MyLyfCare is a one-stop online healthcare app that allows you to book Doctor’s Appointments, Pharmacy and Lab tests. However, unlike other apps, it links you to the nearest local pharmacies and laboratories for the fastest 30min delivery, that’s how we support local businesses. We link all offline healthcare service providers directly to patients (one-on-one) without any commission charge, allowing them to benefit directly. We are directly concentrating on people’s health through doorstep services and regular checkups. A human body, like a machine, needs servicing from time to time, but owing to service unavailability at our doorstep, we tend to overlook the preventative aspect of healthcare in our lifestyle.

How do you reach out to people – word-of-mouth, advertising or any new innovative ways?
Right now, we are approaching via word-of-mouth as well as advertising. We are also giving free healthcare camps as part of our new initiative “Health Aarogya” which is a B2B regular health check-up plan for urban societies, working individuals and hostel residents.

Conventionally, most such facilities are affordable for the ones with the greens. What about the common man on the street?
You are right, the common man on the street does not benefit directly from HealthTech companies. That’s the reason we hold almost free of cost health checkups on a regular basis.


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