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Need to make medical indemnity (malpractices) insurance compulsory

Team L&M Medical indemnity (malpractice) insurance is not widely popular in India and remains under-penetrated due to limited awareness among smaller hospitals and healthcare practitioners about its importance and the misconception that it is an additional expense rather than a risk-mitigation tool. Regulatory changes and awareness campaigns are needed to change this scenario, say experts […]Read More


What kind of innovations have come in the post-pandemic healthcare

Gaurav Dubey The Covid 19 pandemic created a psychological, psychosocial, and economic slowdown and has given rise to many challenges. Besides, the pandemic became a reality check for many aspects of healthcare systems, especially regarding the overall readiness. The lack of availability of medical services, equipment, lack of medicines, and even lack of accuracy in […]Read More


‘We aim to deliver healthcare at the doorstep of people

Upasana Kaura A one-stop online healthcare service provider MyLyfCare was born during the pandemic. Based on OTO (offline-to-online) model, the app connects offline healthcare service providers like doctors, test labs and pharmacies at an online platform directly to the end-user. It also provides services like pharmacy and lab tests, thereby supporting the nearest local vendor, […]Read More


Free e-book to keep mind fit during Covid-19

Team L&M Aimed at helping people to better manage their mental health during Covid-19 lockdown, the Department of Mental Health and Behavioral Sciences at Fortis Healthcare has published a free e-reader kindle book, Don’t worry! Here’s how you can keep your mind fit during a pandemic. Conceptualised by Dr Samir Parikh, Director of the Department of […]Read More

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