Karkinos Healthcare introduces CerviRaksha for cervical cancer

 Karkinos Healthcare introduces CerviRaksha for cervical cancer

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Healthcare platform Karkinos Healthcare has introduced CerviRaksha, a first-of-its-kind clinically-validated HPV test, which is pre-qualified by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), USA and was also granted the CE mark meeting European Health Standards.

“Among all the cancers, Cervical Cancer is completely curable, only if detected early. However, in India, the yearly incidence rate of cervical cancer is 18 per cent and the yearly mortality rate is 11.4 per cent, which can be brought down to a great extent in the next five years, provided we generate enough awareness about the efficacy rate of HPV Test,” says Dr R Sankaranarayanan, Director, Preventive Oncology at Karkinos Healthcare, Commenting about the need for gold standard HPV testing methods to eliminate cervical cancer,

“Because of its high negative predictive value, once tested, the chances of developing cervical precancerous lesions or cervical cancer in the next five to 10 years becomes extremely low,” he adds.

The need of the hour is to bring about widespread awareness on cervical cancer prevention, screening, testing, and treatment. “The awareness of the HPV Test in India is pretty low, as it is mainly limited to higher-income groups,” says Sripriya Rao, Co-Founder and Chief Growth Officer (Women Wellness) at Karkinos Healthcare.

CerviRaksha has been introduced in partnership with Karkinos’ network hospitals, doctors, and corporates. More importantly, to encourage more women for the test, the company is providing the facility of sample collection at home. One can booked for the test through the Karkinos Healthcare website.




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