Importance of eye dilation during eye check-up

 Importance of eye dilation during eye check-up

Kiran Kirtani

Regular eye exams are crucial for your health. Treating vision problems properly can improve your quality of life in different ways, from reducing headaches to improving performance at school, work, and in other activities. Some people understand and acknowledge the importance of eye exams, but they are less convinced about the importance of eye dilation.

During an eye examination, eye dilation means the use of dilated eye drops (called mydriatics) that widens the pupil – the black circular opening in the center of your colored portion of the eye (iris). This dilation is usually done with your eye doctor and not with the optician.

Eye dilation helps your doctor in diagnosing common diseases and conditions, in their early stages which includes:
High blood pressure
Macular degeneration
Retinal detachment

Eye dilation makes your vision blurry and your eyes light sensitive and may affect your ability to drive or work for a few hours.

As a part of a comprehensive eye examination, pupil dilation is very important at revealing the status of your optic nerve and retina. And therefore it is critical to prevent and treat the eye.

Kiran Kirtani is associate consultant, Centre for Sight


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