How to control diabetes in summers

 How to control diabetes in summers

Summer is the time when people suffer from many diseases and its complications due to heat waves and high humidity and it is very common for patients of type 2 diabetes as these people can suffer from dehydration, heat exhaustion and feet problems.
Noted Dietician Ms Sheela Seharawat, tells us how to keep diabetes under control during the summer months. Read on….

Excess summer heat upsets blood sugar levels. It also depends on what you’ve eaten or how well-hydrated you are and also on the level of your physical activity. If both of them are making you sweat a lot, you may become dehydrated which can result in rise in glucose level in the blood.
You know that as your blood glucose levels rise you start to urinate frequently, which further dehydrates your body. Worst, if your diabetes includes insulin treatment, dehydration reduces blood supply to the skin and therefore it results in less absorption of injected insulin dosage.
During summers it is very important to take care of yourself and be particular about your habits to maintain good health. It is very important to always wear footwear for people with diabetes. Your feet must always be dry, clean and without sores as it can create further problems.
It is always good to avoid alcohol and caffeine as these drinks deplete body water. Drinking water is the best way to stay hydrated.
Following tips will help you manage your diabetes while enjoying summer:

Drink plenty of water
Summer means more water than usual as summer heat makes you thirsty easily and physical activities can make you sweat a lot. And if you have type 2 diabetes then dehydration can lead to big issues. In order to avoid this situation always carry small bottle of water and keep drinking from time to time.

Make insulin adjustments as needed
Ask your provider and diabetes educator how you should adjust insulin prior to exercising. Typically, discussion during the first few visits focuses on urgent issues such as getting diabetes under control. Ask about insulin adjustments so you can prepared for exercise.

Frequent blood sugars test
During summer, due to high temperature it is possible that your sugar levels often get disturbed so better test them more frequently than usual so you can easily handle your sugar level.

Low blood sugar is also possible
It is also possible that your sugar level goes low which is also a risky indication so it is always good to carry glucose tabs or any toffee with you and if you frequently get your sugar level low then better always carry a glucagon kit with you.

Take some snack with you
It is always good to break your three-heavy-meals routine into five or six light meals as it helps in maintaining the sugar level. Drink water after each meal as it will help you remain hydrated and also in maintaining glucose level.

Protect your diabetes supplies
Heat can affect your instruments like glucose meters and testing strips so keep them away from direct heat or sun. Always keep these at cooler and dry place for the best use.

Ms Sheela Seharawat is a dietician. She runs a chain of diet clinics across the India, by the same name, Diet Clinic.


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