Be more physically active and eat healthy food, say healthcare experts

 Be more physically active and eat healthy food, say healthcare experts

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With many working professionals engaged in sedentary jobs, with minimal or no routine of exercising and eating junk food, they must find ways to include more physical activity into their lives and eat healthy foods to help prevent or control many diseases and prolong their lifespan, say experts.

“Holistic development by setting health related goals, moderate eating coupled with physical activity can be highly beneficial for one’s mental health, fitness and wellbeing,” they said in a virtual meet on Health and Fitness: Key To Success conducted by The Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India (ASSOCHAM) under the aegis of its Illness to Wellness Webinar Series shared how we can boost immunity through our diet and lifestyle choices.

Nutritionists Seema Singh and Mugdha Pradhan, Corporate Dietician Dr Subhasree Ray Kale, Dr Rajesh Kesari, Founder and Director, Total Care Control and ASSOCHAM CSR Council chief Anil Rajput participated in the webinar.

In her address, Dr Subhasree said that nutrition is indispensable for a good health. “A wide range of versatile foods, including whole grains, legumes, beans, green leafy vegetables, low carbohydrate fruits, lean protein, nuts, seeds and probiotics is crucial to prevent metabolic disorders such as diabetes type 2, obesity and others. At the same time, a diverse diet helps in maintaining the balance of gut bacteria, scavenge free radicals and prevent low grade inflammation. Most importantly, nutrition alone can’t be the driver of good health, we need to include regular physical activity, quality sleep and sound mental health to achieve holistic well being and happiness,” she said.

Sharing her perspective, Ms Seema said that while in today’s busy scenario where everyone in the family is working it becomes a little tough to manage food which provides good health, but we can make it easier if we plan wisely. “First, make a long-term goal with time duration, stock healthy food in your kitchen, include more of fruits, nuts, seeds, sprouts, grains and curd in your diet. Maintain a healthy gut by eating lots of fruits, curd, smoothies, garlic and salads,” she remarked.

“Factors like having nutritious and balanced diet, maintaining regular exercise regime and leading an active lifestyle play highly significant role in promoting the health and well being of humans,” said Rajput “Health and fitness both go hand in hand, while health encompasses a much broader aspect including nutritious, healthy & hygienic food, clean environment, sanitation, a healthy lifestyle etc., good health can be maintained by regular exercise and well-balanced diet,” added Dr Kesari.




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