Nutrition education workshop organised

 Nutrition education workshop organised

Dietician Deepali Choudhury RD addressing the girls

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Nutrition is one of the most crucial cornerstones of good health. Children need a healthy diet for growing, learning, and developing. Hence, it is essential to educate them on healthy eating habits and nutritional knowledge that can be applied throughout life. With this objective in mind, , a parenting and childcare platform ImmunifyMe organised a Nutrition Education Workshop for adolescent girls at Govt. Girls Senior Secondary School Begumpur Khatola. The workshop, organised in association with Rann Foundation, was led by dietician Deepali Choudhury RD.

Choudhury shared insights on anaemia prevention and shed light on the prevalence of malnutrition amongst children. “Health is wealth. Inculcating healthy habits amongst children helps in establishing a strong foundation for a healthy life. Adolescent girls are particularly most vulnerable to iron deficiency. The intake of good nutrition helps prevent problems like eating disorders, obesity, dental cavities and iron-deficiency anaemia,” she said. “It’s best to adhere to healthy eating habits right from the beginning; and parents have a major role in accomplishing this. With this workshop, we wanted to make them aware on adopting local & regional nutritious food in their daily diet,” she added.

A student receiving the nutrition kit

A fun quiz contest, ‘Boojho To Jaane’ which revolved around questions based on food & nutrition was also organised on the occasion. The students were gifted a specially curated nutrition kit, consisting of nutrient dense foods roasted chana, makhana, flax seeds, peanuts etc.


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