Conclave on healing systems of the world at Chanakyapuri

 Conclave on healing systems of the world at Chanakyapuri

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If you think eating medicines is the only way to heal you, you are only partly right. For, medicines heal only the physical body while there is a lot more to our being.

And if you want to know all that, visit Civil Services Officers Institute (CSOI), Chanakyapuri in New Delhi where a conclave on “Healing Systems of the World” is going on.

Being organized by Dhyan Foundation, the idea behind the conclave is to let all know the magnanimous power of energy sciences from all over the world. The conclave ends on April 1.

The conclave sees open discussions on principles of healing from various cultures – shamanism, wicca, ayurveda, chromotherapy, distance healing, martial arts, clairvoyance and more. Also present are leading doctors and ayurvedacharyas along

“In the process of growing up, with our actions, indulgences and choices, we accumulate a lot of mud (toxins) in the physical as well as energy layers of the body. This mud clouds our vision and keeps one from the experience of reality and various energies that run creation. So when the time comes to leave the body, its pitch darkness for the soul and it goes in to lower dimensions which are pitch dark and highly traumatic, we may call them hell or nark or dozakh. A soul has to experience a lower birth to clear this muddy water and again the human birth happens,” says Yogi Ashwini of Dhyan Foundation. “The modern medicine only targets the physical body, and is much limited in scope and effect,” he says.


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