WORLD BLOOD DONATION DAY TOP 5 Reasons why you should donate blood

 WORLD BLOOD DONATION DAY TOP 5 Reasons why you should donate blood

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Donating blood is not only a noble act but also a necessary one. Blood that matches the receiver’s blood group and which is safe to be used is difficult to find easily in hours of emergency. To promote this noble cause we celebrate June 14, as World Blood Donors Day.

On this day we express our gratitude towards the individuals who donate their blood with the hope of saving a precious life. To further support this cause a new app, named Life is also available on the Google Play Store. This app helps you locate donors and recipients in nearby places easily in hours of need.

Donating blood does not only let you save a life, but also lets you share your life with someone in need. It is an act of passing on something precious to someone who needs it more. So, let us all pledge to donate towards saving precious lives, and contribute towards making the world a better place.

Blood donation is beneficial not just for the receiver but also for the one who is donating. We give you fie reasons why should you donate blood:

It improves heart health
Blood donation helps in reducing the iron level. Excess of iron in the blood raises the chances of heart diseases. Studies have shown donating blood regularly reduces the risk of heart attack by 88% and stroke by 33%.

It helps you stay healthy
The donor’s body starts replenishing the lost red blood cells within the first 48 hours of blood donation. This helps in staying healthy and productive at work.

It reduces chances of cancer
Studies have shown increase in level of iron in blood damages free-radicals which increases the risk of aging and cancer.

It burns calories
Regular donation of blood helps you remain fit. Every time you donate a pint (450ml) of blood, you burn can burn about 650 calories.

You get a free health check up
Before donation, each donor receives a free mini health screening and blood tests. A patient is checked for blood pressure, haemoglobin content and diseases like hepatitis, syphilis, HIV etc.


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