Ayurvedic treatment for alopecia includes methods of ‘pitta’ pacification

 Ayurvedic treatment for alopecia includes methods of ‘pitta’ pacification

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Indralupta or alopecia is now one of the most common problems affecting people of all age groups. An autoimmune disorder, it is characterised by rapid hair loss, including follicles and fungal infections. Hair loss may be due to many factors, including genetic factors, environment, medicines, long term illness, nutritional deficiency, stress, thyroid dysfunction, fungal infections, and vaccines.


Gradual thinning on top of head

Circular or patchy bald spots

Sudden loosening of hair

Patches of scaling that spread over the scalp

In order to cure Alopecia, Pitta Pacification is very much required, says Dr Ekta, Research Officer (Ayurveda), Central Ayurveda Research Institute (CARI), Guwahati. Dr Ekta shares a number of methods that are used to treat this disorder, like:

Rakta Mokshan: It is an effective blood purification therapy. In this process vitiated rakta is removed which helps in neutralising aggravated pitta.

Nasya: This therapy is characterised by the intake of Ayurvedic medications through your nasal cavity which then eliminates the impurities from there. It is a very effective therapy for treating the sign of alopecia.

Lepa: Triphala churna lepa, Romsanjana lepa promote hair growth.

Applying Bhringraj oil: This medicated herbal hair oil is highly effective to treat alopecia.

“Intake of lentils, leafy green vegetables, pulses, herbal teas, soaked almonds, sesame and sunflower seeds, soybeans, buttermilk, ghee, fresh juices, egg and fish in sufficient quantity helps in treating alopecia,” she informs.


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