Coffeeza launches holiday special blends for coffee lovers

 Coffeeza launches holiday special blends for coffee lovers

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Coffee capsules brand Coffeeza, has added very unique blends to their aluminium coffee capsule range this December. These new limited-editions include Gingerbread and Peppermint Mocha Flavoured coffee capsules inspired from classic Christmas treats. In one, you will experience the warmth of freshly baked gingerbread as it’s a coffee that’s spiced and sweet while in the other you’ll have the delicious medley of sweet, minty and chocolaty notes in every sip. These blends are made using 100 per cent Arabica coffee and roasted to a nice medium-dark.

The brand also launched a rich, fruity and flavourful single-origin coffee that’s grown in volcanic-enriched soil of Nicaragua. This washed Arabica is medium-dark roasted and has a bright aroma that’s complemented by notes of chocolate and spice undertones. Be sure to get these coffees before they’re gone.

Coffee lovers can now choose from 11 indulgent blends of coffee capsules and enjoy the holiday season with some #CoffeezaChristmasMagic. These capsules are made of recyclable aluminium allowing you to savour your coffee guilt-free, and they’re Nespresso® compatible too (original line).


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