Make ‘truTRTL sandwich maker’ your new breakfast companion

 Make ‘truTRTL sandwich maker’ your new breakfast companion

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The moment was truly heart-wrenching and sorrowful. In all honesty, my world shattered when my faithful breakfast companion of nearly a decade tragically fell from just three feet, the dining table, and passed away. My old sandwich-maker which had faithfully filled my stomach nearly every morning before I headed to the office over the years. After giving it a proper farewell at home, I logged into amazon in search of a replacement – after all, satisfying morning hunger is essential and for me, a sandwich-maker is a must-have. Making paranthas in the hectic morning hours is just not my cup of tea! So, sandwiches it is for me and my kids.

After thoroughly examining various branded and non-branded options, I settled on the truTRTL Premium 3-in-1 Sandwich Maker, with Detachable Plates. Its versatility was a major draw, offering grill, waffle, and toast functions. The shopkeeper assured me of its quality, highlighting the non-stick plates equipped with top-of-the-line German technology, GREBLON. These plates not only prevent sticking but also facilitate easy cleanup, ensuring hassle-free cooking experiences.

With a power output of 800 W, the truTRTL Electric 3-in-1 Sandwich Maker guarantees rapid and uniform heating for sandwiches, grilled delights, and waffles. Another thing that caught my attention  was the 1.05m cord length, complete with a convenient cord winder, which will surely make it easy to store it in any corner of the kitchen without any damage to the cord, which happens usually. The Lid Lock feature prevents spillage, allowing for generous fillings in sandwiches. At Rs 1,899 (the MRP is 3,999 but the amazon was offering a discount on this product) it was undeniably a fantastic deal.

I also liked that it has an auto cut-off feature, which ensures peace of mind since if I sometimes forget to switch it off, the power will cut-off automatically once cooking is done, preventing any risk of burnt sandwiches.

I have been using it for 10 days now, every morning, and trust me not once did I regret paying up for it (which initially I felt was a high amount). My ‘new’ breakfast companion isn’t just confined to mornings; apart from giving me potato and paneer sandwiches in the mornings, it also gives me delicious waffles, courtesy my daughters, who just love waffles and have been making these every night!



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