Annakoot Pitampura is the fifth ISKCON store to get Sattvik certification

 Annakoot Pitampura is the fifth ISKCON store to get Sattvik certification

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Annakoot – God’s Own Cuisine by ISKCON temple, which has its base in Sattvic food received the Sattvik Certification at their fifth Flagship Store at Pitampura, New Delhi.

Sattvic food has been part of the Indian culture for a long time and is the purest form of food one can eat. Food with no onion and garlic that helps raise your body’s internal vibration to those that promote happiness and satisfaction is what Annakoot aims at promoting.

Started by Amit Juneja and the devotees of ISKCON, Bangalore, in June of 2020, Annakoot’s FMCG products are available across India via their e-commerce channels. With over 100 products that range from pure ghee, spices, pulses, rice, namkeen and artisanal sweets, Annakoot targets being the face of Sattvic food across the globe.

The certificate was handed to Madhu Pandit Dasa, President, ISKCON Bangalore, Chairman, Vrindavan Chandrodaya Mandir and Annakoot CEO Amit Juneja by Abhishek Biswas, Founder & Secretary General of the Sattvik Council of India. The event marked the presence of Vagish Pathak, Chairman at Sattvik Council of India and devotees of ISKCON.

“While eating, one should concentrate only on eating as the food is served to one’s consciousness” therefore Sattvik Verification will instil the trust & faith to the vegetarian consumers coming to Annakoot with the devotion of Hare Krishna. The functioning of this digestive fire is dependent on one’s consciousness,” said Vagish Pathak.

“It’s a pleasure to associate with a brand like Annakoot by ISKCON. During the last minutes of life, a person’s mind remains under the influence of his/her dominant attributes and this determines our next birth. People who die with dominant Sattva Guna, take rebirth as people who are pure in their mind. So Sattvik Verification is important for the food that is being produced in compliance with Sattvik Parameters to gain trust and confidence in the vegetarian oriented market. Our vision is to cover all the upcoming 108 stores of Annakoot-God’s own cuisine by ISKCON in 02 years, so that Sattvik certified food can reach to each & every location in India,” said Biswas.


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