Achaar: The staple digestive aid in Indian households

 Achaar: The staple digestive aid in Indian households

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Achaar holds a special place in Indian cuisine. This pickle, with its signature sweet, sour, and spicy flavours, is more than just a condiment – it’s considered a staple digestive aid. Nearly every Indian household serves achaar alongside meals or keeps a jar of it handy in the fridge. Our experts at Farmdidi will help you explore why this preserved food is linked to healthy digestion and gut wellness in Indian culinary traditions.

Fermentation Makes Achaar a Probiotic Powerhouse
Unlike many other quick pickling processes that simply use vinegar, authentic achaar production relies on lactic acid fermentation. This gives both the unique tangy sourness in achaar as well as makes it a probiotic-rich food.
The live cultures produced during fermentation significantly promote the growth of beneficial gut flora. Studies demonstrate that regular intake of these probiotic foods enhances digestion, gut immunity, nutrient absorption, and more. Fermented foods like these can increase good bacteria in the body by 20-30 percent!
The bioavailability of nutrients also goes up thanks to fermentation breaking down fibres and anti-nutrients. No wonder fermented, probiotic-rich achaar has been used as a digestive catalyst in Ayurvedic principles for ages.

Spices in Achaar Trigger Digestive Enzymes
Achaar incorporates warming spices like red chilli powder, black pepper, fenugreek, fennel, cumin, ginger, garlic, and more. Many Indian households even have special “digestive achaars” featuring digestion-boosting herbs.
These aromatic spices trigger our bodies to produce digestive enzymes critical for breaking down food properly. This is why enjoying a small achaar accompaniment alongside rich meals makes it easier to digest everything.

The Sourness of Achaar Boosts Digestion
Don’t let the sweet ripeness of mangoes or the mild spice blend fool your taste buds – achaar also incorporates plenty of sour elements. Think raw mangoes, fresh lime juice, vinegar, green chilies, amchoor powder and more.
Maintaining the right sweet-sour balance doesn’t just yield complex flavours. It also helps maintain ideal pH levels for optimising digestion from start to finish. Acids play several beneficial roles, from saliva prepping to enzyme activation down till the gut microbiome.
Plus, research shows that natural acids from fermented foods stimulate production of hydrochloric acid and bile. Both are vital for properly breaking down foods, absorbing nutrients, regulating bowel motility and elimination. This is why almost every Indian meal ends by consuming either tart chaas, tangy lemon pickle or cooling raita.

This tasty concoction is a blend of gut-healthy probiotic properties, enzymatic spices, and digestive acids make this staple pickle far more than just a flavorful accessory. It’s a veritable digestive elixir for the Indian gut! Continue this tasty tradition by making homemade achaar part of your family’s meals.
You can also order authentic achaar online from Farmdidi. Elevate your meals with a burst of flavors and health benefits delivered right to your doorstep.


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