Ayurvedic remedies for gut health

 Ayurvedic remedies for gut health

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Acid reflux, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) , Constipation, and Heartburn are just a few names of the problems modern lifestyles has created. The escalating consumption of processed foods, coupled with low-fiber diets and lack of movement has not only heightened but also contributed to the rise of serious gut-related illnesses. While conventional medicine tends to focus on symptom alleviation, Ayurveda takes a holistic root-cause approach to solve gut problems. Dr Pooja Kohli, Senior Ayurveda Expert from HempStreet shares some time tested ways to improve gut health.

Focus on Diet and Digestion
Ayurveda views proper diet and digestion as fundamental pillars of well-being. Ayurvedic principles emphasize mindful eating, freshly prepared, seasonal, and locally sourced foods. In the Ayurvedic perspective, maintaining a regular eating schedule with three well-spaced meals helps the digestive fire (Agni) function optimally. Inclusion of digestive spices like turmeric, black cumin, coriander, fennel etc not only add flavor but also improve digestion.

The Cleansing Power of Fasting
Ayurveda recognizes the importance of giving the digestive system periodic rest through fasting. This ancient practice aids in detoxifying the gut and preventing the formation of toxins that can lead to various gut issues. Fasting can take different forms, from consuming only warm water for a set period or adopting a 1-2 day khichdi cleanse including a diet of rice and lentil porridge (khichadi) for all three meals.

Balancing Tastes for Less Cravings
Ayurveda advocates for meals that encompass all six tastes: sweet, sour, salty, spicy, astringent, and bitter. Such a balanced diet not only provides essential nutrients but also minimizes post-meal cravings, fostering gut equilibrium. Meals only high in salt or sugar usually cause an imbalance in the body.

Herbal Remedies for Gut Health
Ayurveda offers herbal formulations designed to nurture gut health. A commonly prescribed herbal preparation, Triphala, stimulates appetite and fortifies the gut against harmful influences. One of the other important Ayurvedic medicines for the gut is the Bilwadi Churna. This formulation uses the Ayurvedic herb Vijaya as one of its vital ingredients. The herb is known for its strong and effective gut action and robust pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties. All these medicines are made of natural ingredients and do not have any side effects like conventional medicines.


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