Rumeli showcases a blend of Turkish & Balkan cultures, says Valaya

 Rumeli showcases a blend of Turkish & Balkan cultures, says Valaya

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Fashion designer JJ Valaya has come out with its Spring Summer 2022 couture collectionRumeli – The Summer Saga, an amalgamation of high fashion aesthetics and luxury. The collection is an exquisite assortment of colors, prints, embroideries and silhouettes that capture the soul of the season.

“My inspirational journey starts somewhere deep in my soul and is triggered by an arresting visual. That is when I start my research, dwelling on the visual treasures I chance upon either in books or during travels,” says the designer who is always intrigued by ancient civilisations and global cultures, special the ones connected with the Spice and Silk routes.

Of special interest to him is the Ottoman empire. “This year, the die-hard Royal Nomad in me continues to explore the conquests of the Turks of the past. For this season, we moved deeper into our Inspiration for our Fall 21 collection and create an all-new avatar in Rumeli – The Summer Saga.

Etymologically Rumeli (also called Rumelia) is the Land of the Romans. It was the name of a historical region in south-eastern Europe (corresponding today to the Balkans) that was administered by the Ottoman Empire, and witnessed massive intermingling of different cultures. “Taking cue from that, Rumeli talks about cross-pollination of cultures, people and other nuances,” says Valaya, adding that lush fabrics, intricate details, inspired prints and embroideries and a perfect blend of Turkish and Balkan elements define Rumeli pieces.

“Entrenched this season, within the multiverse of Rumeli lie two facets of my very being, Alika and Ika. An enigmatic concept creation, the two celebrate our iconic signature jackets and their silhouettes, everlasting, versatile and timeless,” says Valaya.

Alika, the couture offering is sophisticated, special and hand crafted to the highest levels of perfection while Ika, her sibling, is the cooler and trendier of the two, and also possesses the special ability to flip over and become an all new jacket which can take you from day into night with ease.



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