Echoes is for brides, bridesmaids & wedding shoppers, says fashion designer Ridhi Mehra

 Echoes is for brides, bridesmaids & wedding shoppers, says fashion designer Ridhi Mehra

Some pieces from Echoes, the new collection by Ridhi Mehra

Rajkumari Sharma Tankha

A poetic celebration of strength, and the subtleties and ingenuity of womanhood, Ridhi Mehra’s new collection – Echoes is an extension of her previous line Raeza, and resonates with the nuances of a woman’s soul.
“A fusion of soul with splendor, Echoes is dedicated to every woman, leading a life with stories – some related, some concealed and some celebrated – but striving in her own inspiring, passionate ways. Each crafted design represents a woman who is real, resplendent and a role model,” says Ridhi Mehra. Life & More spoke with the designer for more:

So, what all does Echoes comprise and how much time did it take you to come up with it?
Our collection – Echoes – features a melangé of colours, from calmingly light to exuberantly vibrant. It boasts an expansive spectrum from primrose yellow, crimson red, and soothing ivories. Rich fabrics, predominantly chiffons, organzas, and jacquard Chanderi take the centre stage here. Every silhouette is made unique with artistic intricacies that include the likes of subtle tone on tone embroideries inspired by the phulkari embroidery of Punjab.
Echoes is an expedition through mesmerising silhouettes of sarees, anarkalis and skirt sets, each crafted to define a taste that’s representative of a lovely lady, who is real, resplendent and a role model in herself.
From ideation to our launch, it took us a good couple of months in the last year, solely dedicated to Echoes.

The colours are predominantly yellow, red and white. Any particular reason?
Just before the launch of Echoes we had dropped our festive edit Raeza which had a deeper colour palette. A line of celebratory and wedding-centric creations was on the way, the bright colour palette only made more sense. And both these collections having been conceptualised close to each other in the timeline made the dichotomous colour selection a rather complementing choice.

Who is your target buyer for this collection?
Brides, bridesmaids, wedding shoppers and anyone looking to celebrate a special moment of their life can go for these pieces.

Do you think considering the pandemic we are living in, people will spend on luxury?
As per the trends we’ve observed so far, people who are celebrating are ready to spend, pandemic or no pandemic. There’s a slight difference in how they shop; it was difficult in the initial stages but the market picked pace quickly. The response and consumption of opulent pieces is satisfactory considering.


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