Tips to prep up for the festive season

 Tips to prep up for the festive season

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With just two days left for the Navratri to begin, we want you to be ready for the forthcoming festivities. After deciding on an attire to wear to the celebrations, we must look for the festive fashion accessories required to complete the appearance. We have compiled a list of every accessory you’ll need for your festive outfits in order to make the gatherings and parties surrounding the holiday season easier.

A bracelet is a common item that can be used to elevate and glam up any outfit. For the holiday season, bracelets provide just the right amount of glitz and shine to your wrist. Although these festive fashion accessories come in a variety of colours, gold, rose gold, and silver are the nicest! For a coordinated effect, match the colour of your bracelet to the hue of your other jewellery like Ganesha.

festive season preparation

Earrings are one of the other necessary fashion items you require, much like bracelets. Particularly if the earrings are dangly, earrings are fantastic for highlighting your face and directing attention there! But you can choose some basic and exquisite stud earrings or vintage pearl earrings if you want something more understated like the Jhumar, Sitar and Genda Phool Earings.

A clutch is a must-have for the holiday season because it is not only portable and tiny, but it also has space for all of your essentials. You simply need to bring the necessities when attending a joyous occasion; you don’t need to carry a big bag with your entire life within! Your keys, phone, money, extra makeup, and other little items will fit well in a clutch. And let’s be honest, you don’t require anything else! To create a cohesive ensemble, search for a purse with accents and hues that complement your clothing.

A necklace can be the ideal way to complete an outfit when worn with the appropriate bracelet and earrings. A stunning necklace can become the focal point of an ensemble and draw attention to your neck. Your outfit will determine the length of your necklace, thus a cutaway dress with a low neckline calls for a longer necklace. While a higher-necked dress calls for a choker or a shorter chain. You can shop some cool cokers like Veena, Raga, Allire and Lay.


Belts are a common item that may be utilised to enhance almost any outfit. A belt can be worn with both a loose-fitting dress and a pair of traditional jeans. Whatever you decide to wear, wearing a belt with it will highlight and attract attention to your waist. You can draw everyone’s attention in a discrete yet elegant way by wearing a belt. You can choose a belt with the emblem of a favourite brand if you have one.

festive season preparation

You should not only show up for your festive events looking beautiful, but also smelling wonderful. And using a pleasant scent is the best method to accomplish this.
Browse through our enormous selection of fragrances from various international brands! You are good to go once you identify your ideal smell. Having a pleasant scent ensures that you make a good first impression and that others will like you.

festive season preparation



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