Campaign to showcase climate solutions by Indian youth

 Campaign to showcase climate solutions by Indian youth

Young climate change leaders

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The United Nations announced the launch of its climate campaign, We The Change, which aims to showcase climate solutions pioneered by young Indians as a celebration of India’s climate leadership. Through the #WeTheChangeNow call to action, 17 young climate champions will invite young Indians to join the movement by sharing their climate action stories on the campaign website.

The campaign’s 17 young climate leaders represent innovation and action across diverse sectors, including renewables, forest management, financing, climate entrepreneurship, sustainable agriculture, disaster risk reduction, ecosystem restoration, water conservation and waste management.

“The campaign is inspired by the stories of India’s young climate leaders, and encourages us to  adopt  a  more  solution-based,  innovative  approach  to  fight  climate  change.  The solutions are already within reach to solve the present climate crisis. We hope that through the #WeTheChangeNow campaign, we will inspire bolder climate action from people, communities and the national and state governments,” says Deirdre Boyd, UN Resident Coordinator in India.

The campaign will celebrate and curate innovative, sustainable and equitable climate solutions and actions being pioneered by young people in India. The focus is on strengthening engagement with governments and civil society for a more collaborative approach to climate action.

“We need enabling spaces for co-learning and collaboration for effective climate action. It’s inspiring to be part of a journey that allows me to meet other young people who are championing climate action and advocacy while collaborating with various policy makers and other climate stakeholders.” says Archana Soreng, a young climate campaigner and member of the UN Secretary-General’s Youth Advisory Group on Climate Change.

Over the course of the campaign, We The Change will create spaces for young people, civil society, climate groups, media, and governments to collaborate through online dialogues, discussions, and face-to-face interactions.


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