Stolen sculpture of Lord Hanuman retrieved from Australia

 Stolen sculpture of Lord Hanuman retrieved from Australia

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The stolen sculpture of Lord Hanuman belonging to Chola Period has been retrieved from Australia and handed over to the Idol Wing, Tamil Nadu.

The sculpture of Lord Hanuman was stolen from a Vishnu Temple, Shri Varatharaja Perumal, Pottaveli Vellur, Ariyalur district. It belongs to late Chola Period (14th -15th century) and was documented by “French institute of Pondicherry” in the year 1961. The sculpture was handed over to High Commissioner of India in Canberra, and reached India in February this year. IT was handed over to the Idol Wing, Tamil Nadu as a case property last week.

Government of India is working towards safeguarding the country’s antiquarian heritage within the nation and instrumental in retrieving antiquities which were unlawfully taken abroad in the past. Till date, 251 antiquities have been retrieved from different countries, out of which 238 have been brought back since 2014. the retrieved antiquities include Sawn stucco Head and Natraja of Chola period from UK, Bhitargaon Terracota Figures from USA, Yogini Vrishanana from Paris, Parrot Lady from Canada, Mahisamardini from Germany and Uma Parameshwari from Singapore among others.

There is no estimate available with the Archaeological Survey of India for the number of the antiquities that are currently illegally being smuggled outside the country.


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