Selekt by Koinage drops their new track, Ye Zindagaani

 Selekt by Koinage drops their new track, Ye Zindagaani
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We all talk about moving on but what if everything around us just reminds us of our ‘THE’ person. It’s like days pass by and we are still stuck in the past with their memories. If you miss someone who was your everything?!! You will connect with Selekt by Koinage’s latest track, Ye Zindagaani. It is sung, written, and composed by budding Indie artist and a national level boxer, Sanam Malik, whereas its music is produced by Subhasish Chakraborty.
Ye Zindagaani was shot in the Queen of Hills, Shimla, following a love yet heart wrenching story of three individuals and how their life is intertwined with each other. It features Sanam Malik, Priyanka Sarswat and Tanupriya Bhardhwaj in the lead roles and this beautiful story was conceptualised and directed by Director Emminel. The track at the same time also captures the beauty of location and are weaved in a manner to compliment the lyrics of the song.
Talking about the song, Malik says, “Music is all about expressing and Yeh Zindagaani expresses two emotions simultaneously – budding of a new love or still being struck in the past with your previous one. I am hoping people will connect with it similarly the way I did when I was writing it.”


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