Rohan Solomon’s new song aims to create awareness about mental health

 Rohan Solomon’s new song aims to create awareness about mental health

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As we pass through the Mental Health Awareness Month, Singer Rohan Solomon has come out with a song Happy Place that captures the storm of an anxiety attack.

The track, released early today encourages people to talk about mental health and seek help, if required. Significantly, Rohan Solomon wrote the song a few months ago while he was going through an anxiety attack himself, in an attempt to calm and distract himself.

Aiming to break the stigma around conversations on mental health, the song teleports one back to the classic pop-rock sound of the early aughts (2000-2009) with its sliding pianos, strum-my guitars and earthy, earnest vocals.

A closer listen reveals the emotional distress of surviving an anxiety attack, however the music is consistently pleasing and optimistic and doesn’t indicate the perilous trauma of a panic anxiety attack.

Happy Place comes with the realisation that we all need an anchor or ‘happy place’ to refocus our state of mind while overwhelmed with anxiety. “To have that anchor is so important. The lyrics explain what I was going through during the attack and the music brings in some hope and positivity,” says the singer talking about it.

“I hope Happy Place lets people dealing with mental health issues feel less alone and realise that there are others who are going through something similar. I hope it encourages people to seek help for their mental health. Make going to see a therapist or psychiatrist as normal and acceptable as going to see a GP,” he adds.


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