Vinit Roop Rai’s five-track masterpiece ‘Pruthvi’ launching tomorrow

 Vinit Roop Rai’s five-track masterpiece ‘Pruthvi’ launching tomorrow

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Delhi-based Vedic, Indie, and Folk act VRR Sutra, led by singer, songwriter and composer Vinit Roop Rai is set to release their latest album Pruthvi at Drinking Safari Pitstop café in Gurgaon tomorrow, December 10.

Pruthvi is a five-track masterpiece that explores the power and beauty of nature and its play on our senses. Each song on the album represents one of the five classical elements – air, water, fire, earth, and sky. The five different songs in the collection pay tribute to five different analogies he experienced during the pandemic.

From the soaring melodies of “Air” to the fiery passion of “Fire,” this album is sure to take the audience on an epic sonic journey mesmerising one’s senses. Parvati Valley, Lord Shiva, Mother Earth, Human Existence, and Mental Health are the few inspirations he had in his search for music, over the last few years.

Each of the songs in the music album comes as a therapeutic charm to music lovers across the country as it was mostly set in the background of the pandemic.

The title song is a result of the pain he felt when a fire broke out in the Amazon rainforest. Song Parvati is a tribute to Parvati Valley in Himachal Pradesh. Vinit’s bond with that place is well captured in his words which he wrote during the lockdown days reminiscing his time spent at the valley in 2017. Ateet, on the other hand, is about Vinit’s connection with lost love, lost friendships, and broken bond with the family giving emphasis to time. A traveller himself, Vinit chose to praise Shiva- ‘The Ultimate Time Traveller’ in his song Bhabham. Bhabham is inspired by the story of Shiva and Sati, and it represents fire – an emotion Shiva felt when Sati died of mortification by jumping into the fire. He wrote Jhaanjh in 2019 while grappling with anxiety with an aim to revive all those who go through such phases.

Pruthvi, as the title indicates, is an album of stories from our magnificent Mother Earth. It’s a collection of songs I’ve written over the last six years. The idea came to me when I heard them all together during the second lockdown, and it connected me with nature’s five elements. This prompted me to get into the studio and record all the tracks, with the goal of offering inspiration and encouragement through some organic old-school music,” says Vinit.


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