Artworks by 18 women artists on display at Masha Art Gallery, in Gurugram

 Artworks by 18 women artists on display at Masha Art Gallery, in Gurugram

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Jayasri Burman’s Shringar 1, a bronze sculpture, Nutan Pandit’s untitled work in a modernist Giacometti insignia of inspiration, Jyotsna Bhatt’s 20-year old ceramic ware, Leena Batra’s platters, Seema Koli’s Ganesha, Arpitha Reddy’s Kalpavriksha, are among the many art works on display at Masha Art in DLF Camellias, Gurugram.

Dancer by Leena Batra

The show by 18 women artists, I have a Dream, creates a synergy that celebrates the identity of the woman artist and transcends time and tradition.

masha art  masha art masha art
Golden Baubles by Milburn, Patrini by Sonia Sareen and The Gamblers by Milburn

“The show is dedicated to the memories of potter Jyotsna Bhatt and printmaker Rini Dhumal,” says Samarth Mathur, Director and Co-founder, Masha Art. “This exhibition is about the balance of many journeys, and embraces a world vision,” he adds. Bhatt and Dhumal are the two gurus of MS University Baroda who are no more existing in their physical forms but are ever so present among us through their art works.

masha art
Meditation by Rita Datta

Sure enough, I have a dream is about celebrating the synergy of women in a world of great sadness and pain. It is a show that reflects the beauty of creation and the freedom of spirit of women artists in India.

“The world has millions of stories about women artists who struggle to find a style that matches their vision. All artists I feel must echo the philosophy of Francis Picabia who said artists must express the emotion which nature makes them feel without the least care for technique in order to reach their goal. I have picked women artists who have found their own pictorial freedom. I am looking at a show that exemplifies purity of thoughts in painting, sculpture and ceramics,” says show curator Uma Nair.

The show is on view till May 31 ( 11am to 8pm) at Masha Art, Lower Ground Floor, DLF Camellias, Gurugram




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