Ahead of I-day, IndiaAsha dedicates song ‘Me Ek Ninavi Mawala’ to unsung heroes

 Ahead of I-day, IndiaAsha dedicates song ‘Me Ek Ninavi Mawala’ to unsung heroes

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Non-profit organization IndiaAsha Foundation is all set to release the song Me Ek Ninavi Mawala (I am an unsung hero), which embodies the patriotic fervour of the 75th-anniversary celebration of Indian Independence. The song will be released on August 13.

Written and produced by serial technology entrepreneur & philanthropist, Sanjeev Dahiwadkar and sung by noted multilingual singer, Himangi Vishwaroop, Me Ek Ninavi Mawala aims to promote a sense of pride among every Indian on this auspicious occasion. IndiaAsha aims to reach a minimum of 10 million Indian citizens through this patriotic song during Har Ghar Tiranga initiative.

With the song, IndiaAsha joins the country in remembering those freedom fighters, soldiers, farmers, workers, and people from every walk of life whose sacrifices have help the country reach the place where it is today.

The song is dedicated to the supreme sacrifice of Indian soldiers who guard the borders to protect our national sovereignty and integrity in much harsh weather conditions – from the Himalayas to North East; from the Arabian Ocean to the Bay of Bengal & beyond, along with the country’s airspace. Every year, lakhs of Indian youth from the far-flung region of the country leave their families to join the much-coveted services in the Indian Army, Navy, and Air Force. These unknown and unsung heroes, who never see the limelight, keep the ideals of India alive through their tireless services. Me Ek Ninavi Mawala aims to celebrate the life stories of these unknown heroes.

Like our soldiers, millions of farmers, labourers, professionals working in health, sports, art, literature, research, and manufacturing; and entrepreneurs among others serve the country dutifully and diligently. The song expresses its gratitude to all these unsung heroes whose tireless toiling is defining India as a great nation.

Expressing his gratefulness, Chief Patron of IndiaAsha Foundation, Sanjeev Dahiwadkar said, “India as a concept has evolved from its thousands of years of civilisational history. Its glorious past, enriching present, and promising future are the outcomes of many sacrifices of real-life heroes. As we celebrate the 75th year of Indian Independence, it’s time to pause and remember those supreme souls who contributed to the making of India in its present form. The song is a tribute from IndiaAsha Foundation which strives to make Indian lives better every day. We are confident that people will not only embrace the sentiment behind this song but will also act as brand ambassadors in promoting this very idea among their near and dear ones.”

“It is indeed a proud moment to sing such a compassionate song that is dedicated to our brave soldiers and workers. When India celebrates its 75th year of Independence, it is very timely to show our heartfelt gratitude to those inspiring souls to whom we owe our existence. I commend IndiaAsha Foundation to take such initiative as India begins its journey to a glorious future in all earnest,” says singer-artist Himangi Vishwaroop


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