Exploring ‘behind the scenes’ through Art

 Exploring ‘behind the scenes’ through Art

The three artists: Divya Kamat, Minakshi Singh and Divya Balivada

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The India International Centre, New Delhi is playing host to Behind the Seen, a group show by three artists from Goa – Minakshi Singh, Divya Kamat, and Divya Balivada.

Through their works, each of the three artists has attempted to explore the extraordinary aspects of an ordinary life, stories hidden in the mundane daily routines. They have delved into the complexity of the human condition, interpreting conversations as expressions of emotions, unspoken thoughts, and unexpressed meanings, stressing on the fact that what we see can be starkly different from what is. This IIC show captures unspoken emotions and concealed narratives, fostering a deep connection between life experiences of different people.

For Balivada, who finds herself a misfit in society solely because she defies societal expectations and challenges stigmas, it is art that lets her articulate her inner experiences. Her works are majorly abstract, which express her subconscious mind, thoughts, and emotions.

Subtle Chaos, Joy of Sorrow and Blue Bounty by Divya Balivada

“Through my works, I have tried to ask people, including myself, to unveil the richness and complexity within ourselves, facilitating a deeper connection with our experiences and those of others,” says Balivada.

“Outwardly, we exchange dialogues such as How are you doing? with the customary I m good, thank you! But is anyone truly good? Appearances can conceal profound experiences, and we must not judge a person from outward appearances,” she adds.

Eternal Camaraderie-2, Mental Overload  and When Mystery Finds Harmony by Divya Kamat

Kamat explores these questions through her figurative and semiabstract elements, tailoring form to thematic demands. Each of her works serves as a playground for intellectual, psychological, and philosophical exploration, guided by an experimental approach that refuses to be confined to a single medium. There are playful juxtapositions and intentional distortions, in each painting, which invites viewers to delve into the complexity of human experience.

“My works belong to the series Quirky Chronicles. It is a lively and whimsical diary, capturing the essence of my emotions and experiences through a vibrant fusion of neo- expressionism and the audacity of the art brut movement,” she says.

Journey of Belonging, Taking the Reins and The World is Pink by Minakshi Singh

Singh’s art is all about people. “I’m fascinated by the layers in people’ s personalities. The thoughts running through their minds are like a mystery,” she says, adding that she wants the viewers to see beyond the obvious, to explore the layers beneath. “Feel free to weave your own story, your own interpretation of how you want to look at it without the fear of judgement,” she avers.

On view till February 13, 11am to 7pm


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