Domkach is the folk dance of Bihar

 Domkach is the folk dance of Bihar

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In Bihar, Dimkach dance is performed in Mithila and Bhojpur regions while in Jharkhand, it is Nagpuri folk dance.

The women and men of groom’s and bride’s family perform this dance during all major marriage ceremonies. They form a semi-circle to perform this particular dance by holding hands of each other and lyrics of the song are satirical and full of joy. Nagpuri Domkach is further divided into Ekharia Domkach, Dohri Domkach and Jhumta domakch

The dance is representative of group strength or sabala. It is usually performed during the night, by a group of ladies. A single lady is considered to be weak. However, when women collectively form a group, they are powerful enough to fight back the thieves and snitcher. This is the message portrayed by the Domkach dance.

These days, it is performed by both male and female members belonging to the bride and groom’s families. The family and relatives of the groom take a procession to the bride’s place. Back at the groom’s house, the women stay behind and perform the Domkach dance throughout the night, to protect the house from miscreants.

The performance takes place in the central courtyard, and it is like a theatrical act. The female folks sing multiple folk songs related to the rituals of the marriage. They play simple instruments like the dholak and ghoongroo. Some also use spoons and metal plates to produce beats.

The folks form a half-circle and hold each other’s hands as they dance to songs with satirical lyrics. The whole show is full of laughter and happiness. The dance is accompanied by various customs and also an imaginary game called Pual.

The Domkach is a fun celebration done for recreational purposes. There is no traditional attire that one needs to wear for doing Domkach dance.



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