Due to the prevailing pandemic situation, fine art artists are not getting a platform to showcase their art to the world through exhibitions. However, an option to present their talent to the people across the globe is available through the virtual mode.

As a step in this direction, Amrita Tiwary, founder-instructor of Bengaluru-based institute of art and culture, Kreative Minds, is showcasing her paintings on different subjects through an online solo exhibition. “Due to this pandemic, we can’t stop ourselves to think beyond creativity. Virtual mode has given us a hope to present our art to the people. Through Kreative Minds, we are trying to spread positive energy in society by getting all art-lovers get the taste of art through this online exhibition,” shares Tiwary.

The artist has shared a few of her creative works done during the Lockdown period.

Title: Big Banyan Tree (Top Photo)
Medium: Water Colour
Paper: 300 gsm textured CP
Size: 12” x 8.5”
Message: The roots of the tree makes it stand strong for the lifetime. Each branch holds itself together in all circumstances. This is exactly what makes it strong and provides shade for an unknown period of lifetime.

Title: Isolation is the Best 
Medium: Water Colours (#camlin)
Paper: 300 gsm CP
Size: 11” x 8.5”
Message: Sometimes escaping from the crowd around and in you, isolation is the best way to live in peace and calm and feel Nature.

Title: Window of Opportunity
Medium: Water Colours
Paper: 300 gsm CP
Size: 11.5” x 9”
Message: The window is always there, it’s just that one needs to find and see the opportunity present through it.

Title: The Resort
Medium: Charcoal Pencils
Paper: 130 gsm non-textured HP
Size: 14.5” x 10.5”
Message: The resort should not be the last resort, it is the place for happiness and relaxation which is needed in this stressful life of ours.

Title: Life is to bloom like Flowers
Medium: Colour Pencils (Flowers and few leaves), Water Colours (background & few leaves) – Mixed-media
Paper: 300 gsm textured CP
Size: 11.5” x 9”
Message: Life is to bloom and not die. No matter what life throws, always bloom with freshness of life as the seed sown in us is to bloom and live.

Title: Reflecting all it Sees
Medium: Mixed-media: Charcoal and Water Colour
Paper: 150 gsm Cream paper CP
Size: 12.5” x 9.5”
Message: What we see, all gets reflected one day. The reflection mirror may keep changing, but all is seen.




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