American-Chinese artist Allen Ling back with his new love ballad ‘Closer’

 American-Chinese artist Allen Ling back with his new love ballad ‘Closer’

American-Chinese sensation Allen Ling

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Allen Ling, the American-Chinese sensation who made waves in 2023, is back with the love ballad Closer coinciding with his Asia tour this month. Best described as a ‘love ballad for all times’, the latest earworm from the California-based singer-songwriter and entrepreneur, has the touch of a classic. Closer is what happens when you mix the innocence of first love with a string quartet and ballerinas, creating a melody so catchy, it feels like it’s always been part of your life.

Having launched his formal music career only in 2023, the American-Chinese singer-songwriter swiftly ascended the music charts with his award-winning Heartbreak Trilogy. His previous single, Remember, clinched the #1 spot on the World Indie Music and European Indie Music Charts. With Closer Ling is ready to prove that lightning can indeed strike twice. And he is sharing this journey with Dave Lopez of alternative rap-rock band Flipsyde.

Allen Ling
Allen Ling and Dave Lopez

The likes of Guns N Roses’ Brain Bryan Mantia and Melissa Reese have poured their genius into the mix, and Chris Dugan wove in his engineering magic at Green Day Studios. Ling has aimed for the heart with ‘Closer,’ inspired by the timeless Johann Pachelbel’s Canon in D, promising a track that’s as deep and enduring as love itself. As he gears up for its global release in March, Ling’s got the kind of quiet confidence that comes from knowing you’ve got something special. “I’m okay with being a ‘one-hit wonder’ if ‘Closer’ becomes that one hit,” says Allen.

Meanwhile, Lopez can’t wait for the world to hear it. “This is the first song I heard of Allen’s, and I instantly wanted to be involved with the recording. I can’t wait to share it with everyone.  It has that classic appeal,” said Lopez. Aramis Knight, the face behind Ms. Marvel‘s Kareem – Red Dagger, has produced the cinematic music video that is as endearing as the song itself.

Just like the audio has two versions for radio and for streaming, the video also has two renditions – as quintessential music video and a skit-based music film, once again displaying Ling’s commitment to good storytelling whether it’s via his comic book creation pursuits or music films/videos.


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