A unique show that sheds light on cybercrime in a lighthearted way

 A unique show that sheds light on cybercrime in a lighthearted way

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The Adventures Of Lleo, on Amazon miniTV, offers plenty of laughs and rib-tickling moments. A character spin-off from the much-adored series Permanent Roommates, the show is praised for its intriguing narrative and uniqueness of shedding light on cybercrime in a light-hearted way. The Adventures of Lleo follows a series of events faced by Lleo, who loses all of his wealth, turning his millionaire life upside down. It features Anandeshwar Dwivedi in the lead role.

Sharing his experience working with his co-actors and director (Akshat), Anandeshwar expressed how he is close to almost everyone on the team. “It was an amazing experience; all the co-actors supported me throughout this journey. Almost all of them are friends now, and I enjoyed working with each of them. Akshat is like my younger brother; I want him to do great work and projects.  With Adventures of Lleo, he has done a fantastic job creating a story around the world he was just introduced to. He has impressed me with his craft very beautifully. And being his senior, I always supported him and advised whenever needed,” he shared.

Talking about the series, he further shared his perception of why the series is a must-watch for everyone. He said, “The audience should watch it for fun. It’s hard to work 5-6 days a week, their life is already full of stress and work, so they can sit down on a weekend and enjoy this light-hearted show. They must take time to relax and laugh out loud watching this good old comedy.”


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