Motivating Ryan teachers through a workshop

 Motivating Ryan teachers through a workshop

Team L&M

A workshop on motivation for teachers at Ryan International School Rohini where 80 teachers took part and got empowered with motivation tips by the resource person Upasana Kaura. The session began with an engaging ice-breaking activity that made the teachers feel proud to be involved in the noble profession of teaching. This was followed by an interactive session wherein the teachers shared their day-to-day workload which results in their feeling stressed out. The resource person shared ways to how they needed to introspect and chased their dreams even after being amid such a hectic schedule.

The teachers were advised to never waste time in comparing themselves as it has no positive results and that one should find happiness in smaller things which they can get amid students. Also, self-motivation is the biggest factor that can ignite the spark for better results in every field they work. The session concluded on a happy note with a beautiful song of yesteryear sung by all. It made the teachers go nostalgic as they remembered their childhood days. The teachers applauded for the wonderful session and requested for more such sessions in future.

The workshop was organised by 6to16, the education wing of Life & More, in association with HT Pace.


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