Workshop on stress management held at Prudence School Ashok Vihar

 Workshop on stress management held at Prudence School Ashok Vihar

Workshop Resource Person Ashwani Kumar Sharma with School Principal Rachna Babbar

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A workshop on Stress Management was held at Prudence School, Ashok Vihar, Delhi. Organised by 6to16, the education wing of Life & More, in association with HT Pace, it was taken by Resource Person Ashwani Kumar Sharma.

Prudence School workshop
Prudence School teachers with Resource Person Ashwani Kumar Sharma

Beginning with what stress is and how it poses a threat to one’s peace of mind, Sharma said that stress is a result of our inability to cope up with our life’s challenges. If we confront these challenges with a positive bent of mind, we can overcome these without falling prey to stress but if not, it  can become a chronic condition which is  not good for any individual, let alone teachers since they are the mentors of our youth.

A little amount of stress is actually good as it can motivate a person to perform better. Just like the body’s fight-or-flight mechanism tells a person when and how to respond to danger. However, when a person  becomes triggered too easily, or there are too many stressors at one time, it can undermine a person’s mental and physical health and become harmful.

One control stress through various activities like taking some me-time in a day wherein you introspect on various aspects of your life, developing an attitude of acceptance, forgiveness and gratitude towards all that you have in life and letting go of situation you cannot control. Taking some time out for meditation every day is very important, he remarked.

Prudence School workshop
A small activity of guessing a drawn picture was also held, much to the enjoyment of school teachers.







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