Attitude, a pattern of behaviour, tendencies to adapt

 Attitude, a pattern of behaviour, tendencies to adapt

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That attitude is a pattern of behaviour, tendencies or anticipatory readiness, predisposition to adapt in social situations or simply, the attitude is a response to social stimuli that have been conditioned was one among many things explained to the students of Neo Convent Sr Sec School at the workshop held on this issue. The workshop was taken by Motivational Speaker Ashwani Kumar Sharma. 


Sharma also told the students present at the workshop on Attitudinal Changes that the factors affecting these included personal experience, cultural experience, media, educational and religious institutions and emotions. The students were also informed that behaviour is directly proportional to one’s attitude which can get affected without the person even getting to know about it.

The workshop was organised by 6to16, the education wing of Life & More, in association with HT Pace.


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