The Billionaire and the Monk to be published in US & Canada

 The Billionaire and the Monk to be published in US & Canada

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Vibhor Kumar Singh debut book The Billionaire and The Monk published by Pan Macmillan in India is all set to be published in USA and Canada now. The book has already been translated into several languages like Greek, Italian, German, French, Spanish, Korean, and Portuguese while translations in Turkish and Bulgarian are underway. Balance, an imprint of Hachette Book Group, will publish it in the USA and Canada this May 24.

The book talks about finding happiness in daily life. Happiness is not an enigma for a select few but a pearl of attainable wisdom for everyone. The author has used a conversational style to write the book. Being an entrepreneur himself, the author brings out the practical and doable aspects of daily life that lead to the happiness bounty.

Set against the pristine beauty of the Tibetan highlands, the book explores areas of minimalism, meditation, money management, discipline, relationship and happiness through health. It challenges the conventional thinking by elaborating upon topics of ambition and the power of saying NO and linking them to our daily happiness quotient. At the end of the book, the author lists practical and feasible takeaways which can be adopted by everyone who is lost and looking to find their happiness road.

The Billionaire and The Monk is my first book. Mental health is an issue profoundly affecting our society. Happiness is becoming a rare commodity. I intend to continue writing about finding happiness,” says Singh, explaining the idea behind writing this book.

“We all love to complicate our lives. Probably, it gives us a sense of achievement trying to clean up our own clutter. I think it is time for people to realise that it is possible to be happy everyday. Every moment, You don’t need a vacation to be happy. You need to be you to be happy, that’s it. Don’t fall for the marketing of happiness. Happiness is very simple,” he adds.



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