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Aashita Chadha The essence of a well-designed space lies in its ability to transport. I thrive on creating immersive experiences, and I am particularly drawn to the vibrancy and tranquility of tropical design. Here in Bengaluru we’re blessed with a beautiful climate, and bringing the outdoors in allows us to truly connect with that. So, […]Read More


Showcasing the cultural richness of Ganesh Chaturthi in home decor

Aashita Chadha Elephant God Ganesh holds a special place our hearts. Beyond its religious significance, Ganesh Chaturthi offers a unique opportunity to connect with our culture and heritage. Let us, today, delve into the cultural and historical importance of this festival and examining the profound meaning of the associated traditional symbols, motifs, and colours, finding […]Read More


WORLD EARTH DAY Adopt a sustainable approach to elevate your

Team L&M As the world increasingly values efficiency and sustainable living, Aashita Chadha, Co-founder and Chief of Culture & Strategy at The KariGhars, emphasizes that sustainability is now a fundamental aspect of all interior design projects. To create truly impactful work, she believes that this philosophy of sustainability should be integrated into every single aspect […]Read More


How is the Interior Market performing in Tier 2 Cities?

Team L&M The Tier 2 cities have now become hubs of innovation and artistic expression, as they enthusiastically embrace novel concepts and designs that cater to the rising aspirations of their residents.  The interior market in Tier 2 cities is progressing with tremendous momentum, driven by factors such as economic growth, fusion design, sustainability, appreciation […]Read More

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