Month: January 2019

A glamorous Ramayana by Hema Malini and Esha Deol

When it comes to stage appearances and shows by Bollywood divas, there is never lack of fascinating and sizzling visuals equally blended with great dance, costume, makeup, hair and drama. Recently, the Dream Girl of Indian Cinema Hema Malini presented her stunning daughter Esha Deol on stage with a fabulous production Ramayana choreographed by amazingly […]Read More

Luxury in the space of wellness and grooming

If we talk of luxury treatments in the wellness and grooming industry today, we are not referring only to the costs involved for high-end products or services. It is also not about celebrities who use or endorse such products. In fact, awareness is so high nowadays that it is mainly about the ingredients that are […]Read More

High heels and tight shoes can lead to claw toes

Vinod Kumar Tight and high heel shoes can weaken the muscles in the foot and lead to the imbalance that causes problems like claw toes, a common deformity of the forefoot that can leave toes curled down at the end joint making them resemble little claws. In India, up to 20 per cent people are […]Read More

Let us pledge for a better India this R-day, say

Team L&M Republic Day is not only remembered as the day our Constitution came into effect but also as a country that India has achieved a lot since that day. It is a day of pride for every Indian and as the nation celebrates its 70th Republic Day, our TV artistes take a pledge towards the […]Read More

Creating awareness with colours about mental health

Team L&M The streets of Bandra got an arty makeover as 180 volunteers came together for Art Express – a three-day paint fest filled with colour, fun and awareness about mental health. By using the power of art and colours, Art Express, organised by the non-profit organisation, Chal Rang De, and pioneer in Indian mental […]Read More

Was he the sane psychopath or was he not?

Saurabh Tankha Was he sane? Was he a psychopath? What (and not who) was he? — These are questions that keep striking you days after reading The Sane Psychopath (Fingerprint Publishing; 240 pages; Rs 199) from cover to cover. And even as you keep wondering as to who can get you the answers to these […]Read More

Tarot readings for you

Friends, the wait is over. We reveal the tarot card readings to you. We shall be back with the next set of cards for you next Sunday (January 27, 2019)… Here is the guidance for Full Super Moon.. 🥀Image 1: This is the perfect time for you to do a life review and release any negative emotions […]Read More

Pick a card, get tarot readings

Happy Sunday my beautiful people 🌸 Let us meet our cards for their guidance for Full Super Moon. 🌸Gather yourself in the centre of your heart and chose a image you are most drawn to. 🌸You can chose 1 or more images. 🌸You may opt for a GENERAL GUIDANCE or think about a SITUATION you […]Read More

Healthy habits for working professionals

Yamnish Kaul Are you a 9-5 professional? Or a businessman? Is your work being affected because of low energy levels and poor productivity? If yes, then now is the time to change your eating habits and lifestyle. If your day starts with restlessness and ends with fatigue, Then the reason is a poor and neglected […]Read More

Ayurvedic ways to preserve your joints in winter

Dr Partap Chauhan Winter is characteristically like Vata Dosha (dry and cold) and has a harmful effect on joints. With the progress of age, problems like rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, gout, idiopathic arthritis or ankylosing spondylosis become common and winter causes a lot of pain. Here are some tips to preserve your joints in winters and […]Read More