Creating awareness with colours about mental health

 Creating awareness with colours about mental health

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The streets of Bandra got an arty makeover as 180 volunteers came together for Art Express – a three-day paint fest filled with colour, fun and awareness about mental health. By using the power of art and colours, Art Express, organised by the non-profit organisation, Chal Rang De, and pioneer in Indian mental healthcare, Mpower, brought together Mumbaikars as one to challenge the misconception around mental health and make it taboo free while enjoying and having fun.

The grey, concrete walls of Bandra were lit up in vibrant colours. Energy and excitement filled the air as volunteers picked up their paint brushes and turned barren, empty walls into creative masterpieces from their imagination around taboo topics surrounding mental health. It was delightful to watch people of different ages, both; young and old, unleash their inner Picasso and revamp walls whilst challenging the stigmas around mental health.

“Art is a conversation that requires no words, and the issues we’re tackling here today have seen little to no words spoken for them. And that is why we’ve chosen to give it a voice. Mental health, for those who care about it, is always on their mind. We wanted to give the community a chance to express that concern, that support, and the promise of belongingness and understanding that we all have towards them,” shared Chal Rang De founder Dedeepya Reddy.



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